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The Final Battle

By agnidevi
Arbiter, Chief, Johnson and Guilty Spark atop the Forerunner ziggurat at the end of Halo 3. Illustration from Halo Mythos book.
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Any chance that you ever upload your gorgeous art of the Unyielding Hierophant you did for Mythos? So many Halo fans are dying to see it without a big crease in the middle. :)
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Thank you! Well, that's a good question!

That version was nice in 2015, but could be improved in 2018. :)
I'll just be over here pressing F5 in the meantime.
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I LOVE this image!  It looks great!  I love the lighting and the perspective of it. 
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Thank you! That background Ziggurat needs some polish though...
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My only regret is that there was no way to imply Cortana's presence. Nonetheless, seeing this work made me very happy. Your Halo work is always top notch!
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that gorgeous sky<3
worth fightin' for if ya ask me<3
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What was The Preliminary Battle like?
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All of Halo 3 I guess. )
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Эпично и мощно. Браво!!
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Against floating ball... XD
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beautiful illustration!
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