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Even the preliminary art kicks ass.
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Как всегда фотошоп?
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Да, наброски как-то привычнее в нем делать, а лайнарт уже в другом софте.
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that is insane! 
beautiful art work, Will take a look at the process too, love seeing how people create this kind of work
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haven't seen you online in ages!
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Beautiful work!
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I see you are a man of culture as well.
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I like this comment 😏
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I love your art so please dont think im trying to be rude here but-
As a woman with breasts that size, who has friends with breasts that size (we share bra tips and shop together mostly), I have to question your nipple placement. The only woman I know who has nipples facing forwards instead of down had horrible burns on most of her chest and when the burns healed and the scars shrunk it pulled the nipples up higher, but shes literally the only person I know and even hers are not quite that high o.o

But I did just realize you named her Sorceress so I guess magic is a valid reason.
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Actually your remark is correct. If we talk about real world (and no bra) they should be facing down indeed.

I think I'll fix her chest later, depending on outfit (either a swimsuit piece or some sort of push up dress).
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Seriously, almost all the page 3 girls, Stacy Poole, Keely Hazel, Holly Peers, Lacey Banghard, Sam Cooke, Rosie Jones, Michelle Marsh.... have them high and facing forward. There are a ton of them out there post right here on DA by some of the photographers and collectors.   
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One thing to consider is if the breasts have been altered at all, its really easy with certain creams (like the one they gave my burned friend) to make scars go away almost completely and almost no woman will admit to having surgeries done if you didnt know her before they happened. Plus there are a lot of different exercises and things you can use while breasts are still growing to change how they will shape out for nipple placement. The breasts I talk about are on REAL women who mostly have actually had children (to get them that size) but also a couple that havent (myself included there) with REAL natural un-altered breasts. Im not talking about porn stars or magazine prostitutes just real people.
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Figure, nude models are not (real) people? They usually become models BECAUSE their genetics are awesome. While there is a LOT of augmentation for breasts and butts, plus some reduction for other areas, NOT all of them are that way. Most of the examples (links) I provided are natural unaugmented breasts. Plus Not all of them are porn stars and/or prostitutes (they would be VERY offended at you for even suggesting that), look at art nude models right here on DA. But you are correct Child birth and breast feeding do alter the shape and size of even the genetically gifted. Sarcasm now (grin)... God forbid we make our FANTASY art women look like a fantasy. FYI, here's sophie howard and they pretty much match exactly agnidevi's drawing.

Mature Content

Sophie Howard topless on the bed 4 by afkrony
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I feel like you really just wanted to argue with me. 
Nude models are real people but they are a lot more like the 1% of real people. I was talking real people as in people you actually meet on the street in regular places. Just because I was making a comment didnt mean you had to absolutely assert your own as the only one that could be right. I was just making a comment and I made sure to start out with "not trying to be rude" because I wasnt. Deviant Art is one of my favorite places to be and I really want to stop seeing non-art (digital/traditional) naked women on it. If I wanted that id search for it. 
Id say the sorceress in Agnidevi's drawing has larger, more rounded breasts -shrugs- 
Now please stop replying to me .-. I have enough problems without you adding to them.
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Weird... just pointing out the fallacy of your original assertion. And, Just like ANY public forum and if you don't want problems or arguments don't respond at all. FYI, If you don't want to see naked women use the Mature content filter, that's what it's there for. Take care and good luck with your problems.
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Thanks for the links, bro ;)
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