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Snowtroopers assault

Snowtroopers assault on Echo base. Card art for "The Battle of Hoth" pack from "The Hoth Cycle".

I painted it waaay back in 2012 and just saw it's been released online. For this piece my AD asked for a shot similar to the movie. I also learn about that 'E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster' thing. It's amazing how much stuff have been created for Star Wars universe.

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stunning lighting and realism, superb!
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Warhammer or Star Wars?

Increadible artwork, I love the moody atmosphere.
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Snowtroopers are awesome ;) So is this
This piece is amazing, a still shot but so dynamic with intense readiness. You can almost see them firing the blaster.
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An awesome piece of work :)
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It is staggering how much stuff they made for the universe. I actually like how much of it doesn't get shoved in your face either. "If you want to know go look it up" is a fun approach
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Don't know why, but I love Snowtroopers. 
Great job.
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this is awesome
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beautiful piece of work
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"Imperials have captured a command post!"
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Haha, I was going to write that! Battlefront rules! :D
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wonderful image...........always love your way to paint.......fantastic
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lazer cannon ... it's ass woopin time :)
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I have a "shot" of this shot in an issue of the old Starlog mag when Empire first came out,  Too bad they won't get a "shot" off,  They got "shot up!"  Courtesy of the Falcon's laser canons!  Great artwork of a (you guessed it) "shot." :p
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