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Scarab Princess

By agnidevi
I wonder what kind of story comes to your mind dear viewer...
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She has been making eyes towards the man she fancies, but he seems oblivious to her overtures... so she decides to get a bit more blatant, 'casually' bumping into him in a dark corridor, whilst naked. Unfortunately, her maid has betrayed her, and her father (the grand vizier) has sent men down to where she waits, with instructions to 'cure her' of her wantonness with a spell in the dungeon, where her nakedness will be offered up for abuse.

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Another curvatious cutie!

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That's simple: egyptian princess discovers some priests conducting a dark ritual in secret. She watches them a few times and finally decides to join the orgy herself.
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She looks Supremely Erotic....
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lovely just lovely
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very lovely I like this pose and the expression on her face. 
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She's a pretty one, that's for sure. Awesome work, sir! :thumbsup:
Well, I like to think she's waiting to surprise her lover. Her eyes seem to have an kind of expectancy to them. Perhaps she's going to surprise her favorite handmaiden -- or male slave. You've done an excellent job on creating a figure that is very sensuous and being one who favors large breasts, I particularly like the shape of this lady. The skin tone is good and your attention to detail in the background is well done too. Good work all around. I'd be curious to know if the image of the woman is based on anyone in particular or merely a construct from your own personal fantasy. Thanks for sharing.
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As far as I remember, the girl isn't based on any particular person.
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Is she suppose to be Menace from "Queen's Blade"? She looks really beautiful by the way.
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It's a different character actually. Perhaps her headpiece makes you think of Menace.
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Menace wears Egyptian garb if you've ever seen the show. She's also very sexy, but then again, there are lots of good looking girls in "Queen's Blade".
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I know. I wish they have a better story/script though.
Oh, stories involving the princess being ravaged by horrible beasts, for starters...
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Beautiful art, cute princess. Kind of reminds me of Menace.

Story: Naughty princess flirts with her love interest from a distant land, knowing he/she will be flustered to see her causally naked.
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Ramses is a jerk who love to steal the princesses clothings while they are taking a bath. This scene show Princess Scarab trying to sneak her way in trying to get back to her chamber without no one seeing her. 
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Added to favs.
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Definitely Menace from Queen's Blade!  :thumbsup:
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