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SWD Praetorian Guards

By agnidevi
Illustration for Star Wars: Destiny card game.

You can imagine my reaction when I saw these guys before they were revealed to the public.

© 2017 Fantasy Flight Games | Lucasfilm Ltd.
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© 2017 - 2021 agnidevi
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Those guys were sooooo cool in the Last Jedi
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Have you seen it already?
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The Norwegian premiere was 2 days before the american
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Finally saw these guys in action. Sweet but short.
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Nice sticks! I like sticks!
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I think they look like they are made out of Solo cups haha... <3 
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Is anybody out there think the first order is stupid
HEROMASTER85's avatar
I mean if their trying to be better then empire

At least have helmets that filter poison not smoke

And most of their vehicles if followed lego have the at m6 not have an obvious weak spot the butt
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well, i never liked the new clone helmets design. i dont know other people, but im very upset and sceptic with the new star wars. they are simply coping old trilogy and changing their names and colours and selling as a sequel. i have just seen the ep 8 new trailer, and i feel is TESB 2
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most impressive Darth vader peixl icon 
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