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SF Yona

Yona is a travelling priest and spellcaster. Being a member of religious order she travels the realms of steamland in hunt of spirits and daemons, protecting and rendering justice.

In SteamFantasy world the machinery is powered by steam and spirits thus the machines have 'souls' inside them. Spellcasters like Yona could catch the free spirits or fight the awaken ones.

ps. I did my best trying to introduce this character to you without spoiling any details.
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This is amazing!!You created her??That's amazing:D:amaze:
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This is an amazing piece of work, agnidevi! :wow: I'm curious as to know about which software you used to create this BEAUTIFUL and SEXY character, but aside from that... A BRILLIANT WORK! ;)

Is Yona a character from the game or did you create her? :? I'm afraid I know nothing about SteamFantasy :O , so care to help me here, please? :)

I think these artworks are the most difficult to do since it involves lots of time (hours, perhaps) to create something like this, but MAN, the wait is sure WORTH it! :D
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First off, thank you for the interest! Not too much people look deep into the gallery.

Well it was painted long ago and I believe I've used Photoshop and Painter. I remember her costume takes me a lot of time.

Yona is a fictional character I've created for one of the personal projects.
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Beautiful detail on her out fit ,she looks real ,amazing work!
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is it me or do spell casters in general have less and less clothing each time i see them
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They typically don't need to, or can't, wear armor.
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there is something called robes.... and pants...... and shirts......
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On the other hand...

"If you've got it, flaunt it."
please tell me this is from a game, i want to play it
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Me too! :D Well in fact it's not a game but a little creative project called 'Steam Fantasy' or SF for short.
have a link?
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Well no, it's offline at the moment.
sadface, well when its up pass me a link
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resembles a sister of battle
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I 'm kinda shocked ,this sword looks like my motorblade concept (in some details) :O Can i ask you where is this character/concept from? A game or somethin' ? ^^
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Yona is a character from Steam Fantasy (SF) project. Originally it was planned as concept design/3d modeling workshop where we show how to create a character from concept to 3d model. It's on hold at the moment but maybe someday she'll be back...
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Oh now i see,i hope you don't mind me asking :)
My motorblade concept looks a bit like that, but i hope you don't mind :)
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I totally like this. :)
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Hi ...Dear ... agnidevi ...!!!
Your Fantastic Art work
... SF Yona
is featured in Action-Portraits...!!!
if you don't mind...:heart:............................
best regards.....................................................................................................!!! :iconaction-portraits:
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Amazing details!;-)
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