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Play with me

The full size painting is too much for dA so I put a little teaser here.

Uh-huh I dunno if it's a good idea to play with demon woman though... :devilish:

PS. Still toying with the concept to paint a short adult comic before going big, but most of those ideas are quite silly to pursuit... or too much for short story. So if someone wants to collab feel free to drop me a note. ;p
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davevb's avatar
excellent!!!! :o (Eek) 
one of my favorite works by you i think ive seen the full version of this some where before.
agnidevi's avatar
Thank you! You can find the full version on my pixiv or just check danbooru or other similar sites.
Bladeninja76's avatar
Oh, quite the tempting expression and impressive breasts. But agreed, best not to mess with succubi.
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ILLABT's avatar
Really nice!  Also, wondering about a tutorial you were going to publish per my note question a few weeks ago.... Love your work!
These boobs are so perfect, I would like to add the full version to favourites, not the teaser one. :(
Watcher721's avatar
It's great! Full size where stockings can be seen would be awesome!
capnhands's avatar
and your two friends too.
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SeanMaguire1991's avatar
very sexy. I'd deffinetly "play" with her, consequences be damned.
LittleBronyRu's avatar
Я так понимаю, это не конечный вариант рисунка? 
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w00tw00t-BigBird's avatar
Ok.  Where do I get a wallpaper of this?
agnidevi's avatar
Look thru the comments below - someone had posted a link to full version.
Just like to see the rest of the Pic.
Arianod's avatar
This is why demon girls are the best :nod: A human girl would be already dead under the weight of them boobs.
agnidevi's avatar
Despite plastic surgery some women do have a large (and heavy!) chest.
Arianod's avatar
...and they have health issues. Huge boobs make it harder to breathe when you're lying on your back; some women get breast reduction surgery because of that. She obviously doesn't have that problem :meow:
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Excellent Love 
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