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Naja of the Black Sun

By agnidevi
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Promotional poster for the space fantasy and adventure comic book | graphic novel I'm working on.

Naja is an elite assassin from the Order of the Black Sun, a mysterious and religious organization whose members believe that the universe is broken and wrong. They wish to obtain an ancient artifact the Eye of the Galaxy so they can remake the universe and make it a perfect paradise.

Sprawling across the galaxy Black Sun's assassins looking for the artifact while acting as deadly claws both in political and underground circles. The noble families that rule the galaxy (known as The Houses Galactic) doesn't openly confront Black Sun trying to manipulate them instead. Only desperate pirates dare to rob from Black Sun although very few survived to tell the tale.

Gifted with superior physical abilities and feminine charisma Naja is a perfect mold for Black Sun tactical operations. Her ability to manipulate both mana and men allowed her to sneak into Houses Galactic and criminal organizations, most recently The Red Dragon Syndicate.

© 2011-2013 Leonid Kozienko
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Would she be an ally, or enemy to Astra?

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I would say it's more of a love-hate relationship than simple friend or foe.

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Cool. Lends itself to more complex interaction.

Aside from the pages you've made so far, how much of the Astra Black story do you have outlined?

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I have a treatment for the whole story and about 2 chapters with written dialogue and scenes. There are a bunch of blanks, plot holes and loose ends here and there though, but the whole thing still holds up and looks fun to me.

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Isn't that all that matters at the end of the day?

Any thoughts on sharing it? I've gotten myself super intrigued.

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Well actually that story treatment and those chapters aren't supposed to be seen, because they are very rough and sketchy. It's enough for me but for for someone else it would be terrible. Plus it may spoil the fun once you learn a thing or two.

ps. It seems that you are the only one person who still interested (besides me lol). Thank you!

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Good point.

I'm certain they're others still interested, they just need a reminder.

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Any way I can get the uncensored version of this???
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I believe I haven't painted these bits you're looking for. :)
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My mistake, I thought there was an uncensored versionHeart  
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Impressive skin tones, even if unusual wear for a pirate.
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Please let me know when you will be selling this comic. I am dying to see the world that you've created! 
agnidevi's avatar
Thanks! Well, you can start there:…
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She has NICEEEEEEE ABS! That's all I wanna say.
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A version without the snake and clothes please?
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I have one since the snake and cloth are just for censoring purposes.
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Will do eventually.
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super great work
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Excellent work!
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man, I love your stuff so much, definitely getting this!!
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Quality artwork and i like bg to.
sweet work!
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