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December 27, 2011
Memories of summer by *agnidevi For those celebrating the holidays down under. It is summer there! Time to go to the beach!
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Memories of summer

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She lay upon the wet stone as she gazed out at the clam surface of the sea.

"It's been..." she sighed as she tossed her head back flinging water out of her long black hair.

"...months." She continued somberly.

She glanced back over her shoulder at the man in the double breasted tweed suit.

She hesitated. Uncertain as to what to say...

She had a choice to make.

A difficult one.

But before she could speak he did.

"This...this is beautiful. Nothing like that...wretched place where I found you."

She nodded.

The fish cannery.

Her heart winced.

The stench of that place was overwhelming.

As was the pain caused b y her numerous broken bones.

He found her.

Found her by chance while investigating riverside corruption.

He took her home and at that time she was in no position to resist him.

He had taken every effort to take care of her, a fact that she was now very grateful for.

She stared into his eyes, his bright glistening blue eyes...