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Logan Grimnar

Logan Grimnar is one of the most renowned warriors in Warhammer 40k galaxy.

This one was painted long ago and recently got released alongside with 'Champions of Fenris' supplement.

© 2014 Games Workshop
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Inquisitor: ,,I fear no thing. I faced Orks in close combat, survived the endless lies of the Eldar, firefights with Tau and even the madness of the Warp and the Things that live in it. I killed all live on imperial World just to make sure that every last heretic and traitor is dead and I was ready to spend the Emperors curency in countless nummbers. Never did I feel anything exept for hatered against my enemys or accomplishment for the lives that my actions saved.... and yet, the first time in my live that I felt fear was not against xenos or even the servants of the dark gods... but instead face to face with one of the Emperors finest: Lorga Grimnar, an old Space Marien that denied the holy Inquisitions importand work.

I fear no Thing, but that Man? I fear him. A lot!"
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Note: Fuck, it's Logan.
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Glory to the sons of Russ ! May their Saga be endless !
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Very well described chaos of a battlefield with all those textures flying about. He looks very grim in that pose and palate as well.
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Woho! Logan yeah! I managed to lose in close combat with him once... to two fire warriors -_- ... the dice were not on my side that day ha ha ha XD
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Damn....All I can say...
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Thats piece is tight man, well done! Particularly like the lighting on the armour...
Dayum, thats one cool Logan Grimnar
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Space wolves... :love:
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God freaking dammit, now this is what a marine should aim to be. I love Space wolves!
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Love the colorscheme you used here. Nice contrast between blue and orange lasers and fire! Love it!
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Deviant Art needs a like button, cause I like a lot!
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Looks badass!   
MjP-70's avatar
Looks great!
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Really really nice.

..But is that a Terminator shooting a bolter in the background? ouch..
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Who knows what happened during the battle so that he is forced to. X-P
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So awesome!
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The position of the storm bolter seems a bit strange to be firing. I don't think that flare is necessary as it takes away from the bad-assery. 

Apart from that this is awesome.
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