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Legend Fairy

Originally it was painted as promo art featuring cute fairy character for "Legend: Hand of God" videogame.

It was featured in EXOTIQUE 3, POINT-2 books and Art Scene International magazine.
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Charming detailed tan skin, little wink and wings. I suppose a sunset background would suit this better.
An-Old-Otaku's avatar
You can never have too many faeries!  :slow:
agnidevi's avatar
Thank you very much!
oO-Monkey-Oo's avatar
And it deserves to have been featured! Wonderful piece of work :)
Chazste's avatar
Really amazing!
ForestDwellerHouses's avatar
Beautiful looking piece of artwork!
Buckthorn-Cat's avatar
Wow! It is so fantastic!!! I really love it!
alleycatadd's avatar
She definately has a cheeky character this one :)
Love how its painted very detailed, especially the fabric round the arm area, it sparkles. Like the detail in the wings but not sure where the one behind starts, probably just needs a little more defining.
But wow this is a great image keep it up :D
itsScoot's avatar
Could the legendary fairy also be "Navi" xD

But really this is so wicked!!! good work.
RedAventador's avatar
I saw this years ago on Elfwood and fell in love with it. I moved over to DA and I'm so happy that I found it here as well! This piece is really inspirational!!! Amazing work!!!
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Hi there, I featured your work in my journal. [link] <3 Keep up the wonderful work!
MaKuZoKu's avatar
You... you are the one who painted it ? I saw this pic in a mag of airbrushing years ago !
I really liked it ! And i'm surprised to see you're on Da . Nice to meet you :w00t:
Awesome gallery ! :D
agnidevi's avatar
Merci! Nice to meet you too. :D

Yeah it was printed as a tutorial in some mag. I never seen it though.
MaKuZoKu's avatar
Oh :O
They don't even sent you a copy of the mag :(
agnidevi's avatar
Probably I wasn't worthy for sending me a copy. :D
MaKuZoKu's avatar
Wow it's stunning. I myself did a tutorial for a magazine just lately. It will be published in september, and i know they will send me a copy.
I can't wait to see the result cuz it's my first publishing, but i'm kinda affraid of readers's reaction :P The Photoshop tutorial i did is really for beginners (in a magazine for skilled-people :| )
agnidevi's avatar
That's cool! Congrats with your first publication!
MaKuZoKu's avatar
Xuruki's avatar
So wonderful :)
Cross-kun's avatar
now this.. this is something.. XD.. So great.. I like the hands.. so fairy-like.. I hope I improve as much as this someday XD..
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