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Iron Hands

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Iron Hands (Clan Raukaan) vs Empreror Children from Warhammer 40,000.


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I thought only Nurglites had a fidget spinner insignia, not a Loyalist Chapter.
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Coll illustration.
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This is one of, if not my most favorite loyalist chapter.

I just wish there where more written stories with them or something. Such an underrated chapter.
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For Ferrus Manus and death to the heretics.
For the Emperor!
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The Iron Hand's,  who are now headed away from their "Flesh is weak!" doctrine, and now seeking a purity of the soul (Deathwatch Codex).
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Not anymore!

According to the new Deathwatch Codex the Iron Hand's have undergone a change, and no longer believe in replacing flesh with bionics.  They now seek to attain a purity of the soul.

This falls in line with what their Primarch, Ferrus Manus, wanted for his Legion.  Had he lived he was going to remove the metal covering his lower arms, and steer his Legion away from their "flesh is weak" mindset. 
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So like Black Templars who now believe that Emperor is a God?
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This is what the Codex says:
There was a time when the sons of Ferrus Manus held metal as superior to flesh, but in recent decades these masters of mechanised warfare have balanced clinical precision with the insights of a righteous soul.

If Ferrus Manus hadn't died on Istvaan the would have guided his Legion away from their belief in 'the flesh is weak', and also removed the metal covering his arms.  It seems something has altered the Chapter's beliefs, but what was it?

They don't believe the Emperor is a God (the purity of soul bit was let slip by my GW store manager when I bought the Codex, a hint of what's to come).
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I agree, I was only mentioning that they have been changed like Templars who of 6'th edition see Emperor as a actual God instead of greatest Men that ever lived. 
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It'll be interesting to see how the Chapter evolves, now it's on this new path!  Will it affect their close ties to the Mechanicum?
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you have this real sense of building a scene, you'd be good in movies doing the same thing.  fantastic fucking work man.
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FEH. I've hated these guys ever since I read "Wrath of Iron."
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Why? Because they're assholes, or because they're the "good" guys?

I always quite liked the Hands for it.
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Well Rauth hates you too. Though to be fair, Rauth hated everyone in that book.
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I am truly sorry to hear you say that...
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The Flesh is Weak! Very good work sir.
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Almost looks 30k. Granted the Iron Hands armor is 40k era, but the Emp Children armor looks so neat and pristine, like they only just went banana nuts crazy. 
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