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Imee Ooi

By agnidevi
Actually Imee Ooi is a Malaysian musician and vocalist who produces chants Buddhist mantras and dharanis. When you'll got a chance take a moment and listen to her music.

I choose this title because it sounds quite exotic (on my language) and fits the image.

ps. Added the original (hi-res) image for those who interested.
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Personatily... I get lost in the shadow of the trees. Look at the sun and see that the reality is this picture... Is amazing the way U cover the grass and the leaf of the forest with the sun.
About the stone. has an exellent detail and exellent technique in the work in front of the stone... about the birds... can be made with more strong brushes or scraches...

About the font is ad exellent work that yo do aking a real montain and making sky to eat the last of the montains... exellent work

Ps_ sorry about a mistaque on the english but is not my original language... The rest... EXELLENT WORK
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I really love this one. Amazing :)
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This is extremely beautiful! Is your music anywhere to hear? I do overtone singing. 
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Thanks but I don't do music though.
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I was just informed that a picture I pinned on Pinterest was this one, without a credit.  Actually it said it was a place in Argentina.  So yeah, your art is floating around there.  Beautiful stuff by the way!
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Thank you! Somehow people still confusing it with real places although it's pure fantasy one.
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Nice work! Thanks :)
I just used it as a wallpaper to my Jolla phone.
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wow!i want to get inside
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Thanks! Well that would be great.
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This view is amazing!
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I would like to learn to wor with the sun as you work on it... exellent
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I m love it o.o it's beautifull :3
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This is a great image. I want to live in this world. :D
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So sweet. I'm going to have to recommend this for a DD when I have time.
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Gah! I adore this one. The lighting is just perfect!
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Beautifully painted and very nice lighting!
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First off, I like the way you made those mountains receding into the distance, and the way the light and the shadows play off againt each other is beautiful. The stone building posseses such a simple, elegant beauty :)
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Iemee Ooi or Imee Ooi? nice work here~
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