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Sometimes certain images or ideas can stay for years in your mind until you 'release' them into some physical form.

For this one I wanted a vast mongolian type landscape with a warrior coming back home after long journey. You know some cultures have a tradition of greeting their land or saying goodbye.
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This Warrior is soo unique

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it appears to arise from a rock integrated into the earth
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Wonderful what you think ....the Version of your work is nice... good  Artwork!
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Simply stunning!!  Great work.
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Absolutely stunning.
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Holy Shit? Is that Genghis Khan?
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Excellent!  Just excellent!  :thumbsup:
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This is so beautiful, I thought it was a photo at first.
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This is beautiful and amazing to take in from many aspects. Like you can since how thankful to return and home-sick he was ^^ The landscape looks very realistic too.
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Fantastic!  Nod La la la la 
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Be blessed by Wan Tangri!!!
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i love it excellent final piece
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This is absolutely stunning.
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Mongol! beautiful
They actually filming the sequel to Mongol... concept art?
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I dunno much about Mongol sequel though but this one is just a personal piece.
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Very good! :) I want to ask how did u make the ground in the place up front? Painting+photo?
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Yep it's a mix of photos (I think I used more than one here) and brushwork.
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Beautiful,  I think you nailed that concept perfectly!
Your work is awesome, but this screams to me more Arabian/Muslim warrior praying after reaching his homeland thanking God for being safe back in one piece even though a true warrior seeks resolve in battle to meet his maker.

You are VERY talented, what are your computer specs?
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That's quite interesting, thank you!

As for my workstation, it's custom build and quite modest comparing to modern specs. (Intel Core i7-2600K, 16GB, SSD etc.)
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good job i like thes 
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This is beautiful and its very realistic. how did you make it look this way?
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