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Harlequins vs Emp Children

This probably the first and the last time I post something like this...

Production time: 4 months
6K image resolution
350-400+ layers of chaos, gun fire, explostions, smoke, dust etc.

The heaviest image I did so far both in terms of scope and endurance. Think of Vietnam war or Afghanistan.

Most of Warhammer art are dark and grim so you could 'cheat' a lot. But here my AD asked for daylight scenery...
The Harlequins were kept in secret so I worked from miniatures photos trying to capture their essence.

Codex: Harlequins © 2014-2015 Games Workshop
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© 2015 - 2021 agnidevi
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Great Work !!!! I like this universe
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this is amazing!
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Really cool piece, but I gotta ask. Did you photobash the bottom left marines in? Or did you just heavily reference them from the video game Space Marine? They're more or less 1:1 with the in-game models.
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Epic moment dude, once again congratulations for your art work.
Good god! This is incredible.
Epic shit m8, the OCD in me loves the emperors childrenquest for perfection however misguided, and my apreciation for your efforts in trying to depict so many diferent harlequins at once is profound for so little is known about them.
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Pretty damned epic.
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I love harlequins, they were my first army back in the day (early 90's) like emperor's children too though.

A nice piece of art, but it sure sounds like a lot of work...
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I think I can do it faster now but yeah there are pieces that test your endurance for sure.
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simply amazing and spectacular!
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Yee-HAW!  This is just too fun.
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Wait. Who against who?
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Emperor's Children (left) vs Eldar Harlequins (right) just as the title says.
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You did a fantastic job. This codex is my favorite in terms of artwork.
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Very Dynamic scene. It looks as though they're showing off a little bit. That seems to be in their nature.
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this is so neat <3
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Woah... This... Is...
EPIC <3.
So awesome looking.
Thouse effects.
Yes, this is epic..... I love your art.
HARLIES! :D me likey!
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