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July 27, 2008
Hammerica by ~agnidevi captivates and draws the viewer in. Atmospheric and fantastic, this is definitely worth looking at again and again.
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I tried to keep this piece emotional, adding details to some areas while loosing the others.
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Cool image, good job.
khancopperfox's avatar
I completed a study of your work and posted it here…


It's a pale comparison to your work.  But thanks for letting me post it.

Let me know if I need to do more to give you credit.
agnidevi's avatar
No problem!

Keep it up! :thumbsup:
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12avendesigner's avatar
Very NiceVery NiceVery NiceVery NiceVery Nice:D
Kanut1's avatar
Great work. Loving the other stuff in your gallery too.
Gore-Shiring's avatar
Братан! Для меня четь узнать автора этого рисунка! =)
Я, не зная авторства, нашел его где-то в инете и перерисовал его аэрографом на металлическом листе, вышло конечно хуже чем в оригринале, но чьорт, как я рад что автор - соотечественник =)
мои каляки :

твои работы вдохновляют!
WOW, Very Nice. Dont miss with this guy
sordino88's avatar
I don´t believe how many wonderful things can you make!!! I wet myself everytime that I see your works!!
Zanvex's avatar
Frazetta had the same approach....... totally efficient and conveys the movement better.
This guys a Total BEAST
FAT-FRUMOS's avatar
agnidevi's avatar
Да, что-то оттуда.
FAT-FRUMOS's avatar
Ясно... Просто похоже на Вархаммер Фэнтези Бэттл. :)
Кульная работа. :) В фавах. :)
agnidevi's avatar
Спасибо! )
tiagoschlossinger's avatar
Is it inspired by warcraft 3? O WoW? Sorry if someone asked already.
agnidevi's avatar
Obviously it's from Warhammer universe.
fedupN's avatar
Laying the hammer down on some dirty heretics! Hell yeah
Comrade-K-Rad's avatar
Sigmar Priest by any chance? Awesome work.
brit92's avatar
fantastic! the atmospheric foreground, the empty, reflective eyes, the sense of movement in his posture and pose, it is so good!
elemenation's avatar
and u did it .. just right :)
Terrikk's avatar
great piece.

reminds me strongly of WFB ^^
ImmortalDragonMaster's avatar
Sweet work on the lighting effects and details.
0wnenstein's avatar
Spot on, old chap
supremec's avatar
Absolutley intense. I'm completely taken by this.
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