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Final Fantasy Shiva

By agnidevi
Shiva from Mobius Final Fantasy a mobile RPG recently released in Japan.

Typically artists complain how they're constrained while working on established series yet Square opted for full carte blanche here. They basically said we need Shiva for that new final fantasy game and we'd like to see what you'd come up with.

You can get more info on MOBIUS FF via official website:…
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Looks like something Luis Royo would draw after watching paintings from Wojciech Siudmak. Really good.
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Hello I really like your Shivadesign und would love to cosplay this version. But because i can't see all details on this picture i want to ask would it be ok to make my own design at the shoes or if you have any ideas about what they should look lik? I hope it is ok for you. 
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If I knew that someone will cosplay it, I would have done a better job on design and details. :)

Anyway if you're going to do it, it's mostly chains, ice patterns over fabric and some jewelry with gemstones or ice crystals. As for the shoes, you can do whatever you think suits her characters and fairly simple to do.
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Thank you for that soon reply. I love your desing and think you made an amazing job. There are so many details wich made it so interesting to cosplay, like the horns, the ice crystals at hair and body and much more.

I have the fabric, fabric paint, much chains, climmer and some ideas how i can make it. ;-) I`ll see how i can manage it. I think the boots i will make near like from FFVIII Shiva and the jewelery on the other arm like on the left one only with other ice crystals. I am realy exited to start the cosplay at the beginning of the new year.

Thank you so much and have great New Years Eve
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Gorgeous head, and the accessories and color and beautifully unique. Love it, wouldn't mind seeing more of her.
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wow, the details and colors are just stunning. Love the subtle textures too.
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very unique take, I love how gentle she looks
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ahhh... gorgeous!
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My wife! I love your look!
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Great work Clap :) (Smile) 
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This is beautiful! <3
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Awww forgot about Shiva....
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Very nice art dude.
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