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March 8, 2017
Escape from Reach by agnidevi
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Escape from Reach


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Another moment from Halo story with UNSC "Pillar of Autumn", the only survivor of Covenant's attack on Reach.

From technical point the challenge was to depict a realistic orbital shot while meeting the requirements of a storybook illustration and layout design as well as i343 expectations. Due to 6k native resolution a lot of time were spent on detailing, including ships, debris and surface below. Fortunately the printing quality were able to capture all these tiny bits.
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I remember seeing this picture from a Halo book i have called "Halo MYTHOS a guide to the story of halo"

But it does look cool

Good morning, what is the price to make a concept art with these details? You can respond in private if you prefer.

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I still feel bungie did right by us with Halo: Reach. The ability to play our own Spartan right to the end and the last stand at the end knowing it wasn't just Noble teams sacrifice to save the pillar, but our own as well. It's poetic that we always wanted to play our own Spartan while we played Chief, only to have our character be the one that insured that Chief would be the protagonist that we all knew that he would be.

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I think it was pretty badass honestly. I mean our very own Spartan is responsible for ensuring the practical savior of the Human race gets to, ya do, do exactly that. Tell me that isn't legend material.
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This looks super cool
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Normally I would mind someone using my Nevada class frigate design in their artwork without giving credit...however, this artwork is so amazing, I'll let it pass. Excellent job! (Although, it would have been nice to see at least ONE of my babies survive. Just sayin'!) ;-)
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Wow...just wow.
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omg this is movie level quality!!! may i ask how did u do this? 3D?
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Well I guess you already find it out from another reply.
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sure did man.  you rock!!
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This is amazing! The detail of the destroyed ships lingering around, the effects of the orbital bombardment, and the Covenant cruisers really add to how frantic the Autumn's escape is. To say nothing of the detail to the vessel itself.

You did an amazing job portraying the ship's escape and the hopelessness on and over Reach.
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A fantastic piece. Truly incredible in its detail and scale.
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Amazing work!
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Did u paint everything or did u use 3d models which u painted over then?
Or if somehow else plz explain to an aspiring artist :3
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The piece you see is a combination of 2d and 3d techniques. First, I painted a fairly simple sketch to get the look and feel for the scenery. Once it was approved I started to work on UNSC ships, building main 3d assets from scratch. There are a few Pillar of Autumn models available online, but they either incorrect or lack any detailing, so I literally roll up my sleeves and modeled my own version. Some Halo fans may notice differences here and there, as I used both Digic cinematic and in-game screenshots for the reference. Nevertheless i343 approved this version.

I opted for 3d because I wanted a cinematic look and feel, like a shot from Halo game or CG movie. It is possible to paint everything in 2d, though you may spend too much time laying out correct perspective grid for space ships. Also you don't need to model everything, just get the basic shapes and paint the rest. Here I did quite a lot of geometry, but all of the ship lights are painted.

The background is a traditional digi matte. I used some orbital imagery as a base and painted in all the missing details, changed colors etc.
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amazing work. i bow to your awesomeness!!!
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wow thank your very much for this detailed answer!
I would love to see a painting where u show the diffrent stages of your process.

In my worklow before i merge layers i duplicate and then merge, blending the other layers out.
So if im finished i have diffrent subfolders which images from the very beginning.
Maybe u can do this once as well, i guess lots of ppl would enjoy it :)
Where is the HD version so I can use it as my wallpaper!? 😠
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Just click download button at the right side. 1920 x 1240 should work for HD.
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