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Enji Videl

Practice, practice, practice...

Actually testing new brush set before jumping into production. Taming new brushes is always quite an adventure.

ps. I wonder how do you guys manage huge brush sets in Photoshop? Picking brushes from huge list is a real time killer.
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It's based on my photo! Thank you for this amazing artwork!

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Aw like a photo turned into a painting. Cute Videl woman.
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Gorgeous! Love the simple details in the back! 
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I can't remember if I commented before or not, but this is worth commenting again anyway. Phenomenal. Really makes me happy every time I see this in my favorites.
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Thanks! I guess the big part of the credit goes to Enji as she did the cosplay and I just paint the picture.
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Practice suits you well... Nice!
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Absolutely amazing lighting. Really breathtaking.

You may consider making smaller brush sets out of your huge one. It'd probably be faster to switch between a few sets than to search for the right brush each time.
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this is just splendid! love the light effect on her right side :)
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beautifully done! wish I could paint like this. :)
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Mind blown. I feel so amateur when looking at pics like this.
If Dragon Ball the movie was actually well made, I bet it will become trilogy and Videl like this will appear in the third movie.
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Wow! this is awesome!
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wow! the brushes! how? :O
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Nice! I miss her legs, though.
EnjiNight is so perfect!
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This is great.
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I loved it great job!!!  :D
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she looks gorgeous! you're great!
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Perfect Videl
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Nice touch given to her photo, Even better than real one
this is cool, i instantly recognized it was videl
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