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I'm kinda fall in love with dark elfs. Not sure if it's ok to have such kind of addiction. ;)
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May I use this picture, for my profile?
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How and why would I prohibit it? Use if you like it and have fun.
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awesome work .
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i think is very very ok to be addicted to dar elves lol
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I am impressed at how much you have done with just shades of gray and black.

and Your Li'l Elfie has a definite Do not start with me vibe
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Love the details and the textures!
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Dark Elves are by far the most attractive race in all of Lineage. And don't worry about your addiction, there be many who shares the same, er, feeling. ;)
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Wellcome to the pervet side of live XD
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dark elves are the shit. this is awesome
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Awesome shading. also don't worry about your addiction; there are worse things to feel unnatural urges toward...
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I :heart: it, it's sooo pretty ^^
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Very beautifyl and mysterious dark elf. Contrasts are very great and clothes very detailed. Nice job ;)

The most I love is her face especially her sight.
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Gorgeous, real atmosphere in the piece.
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This kind of drawing will force me to say "Holy shit.." :D
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its ok and this is very lovely and its been faved
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The shading is very good. ^^ Like the pose and the expression. Very nice.

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nice, I like the shades. good work.
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Beautifull :heart: Lovely elfy :hug: :heart:
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