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Dark Elf

By agnidevi
A present for a good friend. I spent most of my time designing her costume. It's always fun to paint ladies. :D
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That's a kick-ass Drow! Awesome work!
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Such a very well done piece ! :)
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Imagine Falling in love with a Dark Elf like her? anyone who had bad intentions for you would be dead before the next Sunrise
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Adore dark elves! Seems we need group for them!
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A great job!
Very Nice!
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какого хрена у эльфийки такая фигура??
DarkerEve's avatar
Beautiful (Incredible I don't see this one before)
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hey mate! I thought you might wanna know that some guy has stolen this and a few other of your paintings and posted them as his own on cghub...
here's the link to his profile so you can take appropriate action: [link]
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Thank you for watching out!
theZakon's avatar
no problem... cheers!
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Very nice. Is this a generic dark elf, or is it from some specific universe?
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Lineage was the prime source of inspiration althought I design the costume from scratch.
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At some extent, yes.
dethrone1's avatar quit art (im going to start cooking)
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that would be a really good character for Skyrim but the suit not so.... snooty? but this is an awesome outfit for art wise
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perfect dark elf *-*
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ILoveKyoyaTategami's avatar
WOW!!! this reminds me of Aion : The Tower of Eternity i miss tht game :(
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