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Dark Eldar Covens

By agnidevi
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An illustration for upcoming Haemonculus Covens supplement for Dark Eldar Codex.

The original piece is 6k wide and it took me a lot of planning, painting, repainting & compositing.

Although Warhammer 40,000 is a space gothic fantasy I wanted to show a real combat look and feel.
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Wow this is rad af
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прекрасно! А подскажи, пожалуйста, где можно скачать такую красоту (и остальные твои работы) в 6К, ну или хотя бы в чуть большем разрешении, чем 748р?
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Вархаммера в высоком разрешении в сети нет. По остальным работам, если есть hi-res, то он обычно лежит тут же на девианте.
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Oh interesting mutants and combination of smoke and gunfire.
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Muggle Eldar...
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Stand and deliver
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To my mind, this is the best piece of 40k artwork out there.  When I bought the Covens supplement I groused about the price, until I saw the new art, ESPECIALLY this one.
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this looks amazing, i like all the grey tone shadings, very well done Sir.
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Awesome battle and art work. Congratulations!
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Hope those Guardsman save a round for themselves. Better to die than be captured by the Dark Eldar.
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Awesome. I'm glad its not real though, it's bad enough going to war, imagine the bricks we'd be shitting if we had to fight these?!
BilboobliB's avatar
You hit the mark :)
KnightSalem's avatar
Awesome, love the things on their backs.
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Dark Eldar looks so good! :O But, just a technical question, why Imperial Guard don't have laser rifle?
omega3456's avatar
The imperial guard can also be issued autoguns (the same as machine guns to us). :) . That and heavy stubbers and stuff like that :)
omega3456's avatar
No problems at all... poor guardsman probably got the wrong shipment... autoguns is usually reserved for pdf's I think? I might be completely off on that theory but they are a commmon item next to the common stc lasgun :)
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I think I saw some firearms on reference images so I draw them too.
gat0rbandit's avatar
the detail you put into this is awesome.
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Мощнейшая картина :) я не художник, конечно, поэтому технические детали оценить не могу, но в целом - смотрится потрясно. Отличное сочетание масштаба и пафоса с реалистичностью.
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How much reference would you use in a picture like this? it's very difficult to imagine how you did this.
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