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Cinematic storyboards sample

By agnidevi
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These looks a lot like storyboards for film or animation. They are helpful for director and crew to get a sense of look and feel, scene lighting and mood as well as camera angles. And with digital technology you can paint fast and change things quickly. They are all sketchy since usually you have very tight deadlines to push the whole sequence.
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I'm a storyboard artist the fuck did you get such high quality in a tight timeframe?

I'm producing about twenty panels a day at the moment.

Like seriously - I know there are tutorials, but just tell me - do you lay down a matt colour, then keep adding layers of colour until you get this?

Or do you start off with a line drawing?
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seriously, this is so much more, than needed for a storyboard. looks absolutely amazing, the lighting is done really skillfull. love it!
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This looks great :)
Aren't these way too detailed for storyboards, tho'? Also, took way too long to make?

Storyboards usually show camera movement and action with arrows. Also, they are VERY often replaced with new ones. Using this much colour and backgrounds seems wastefull. It's way too much work going down the drain if the director wants to change a shot, or gods forbid, a whole scene. -_-'

If you're really interested in trying storyboarding (and it's really good practice :) ), I suggest you read up on it. [link]
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Thank you for your time and insights.

Sure, most storyboards are very quick and simple due to filmmaking nature. But sometimes there are exceptions. :)
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true :) good job anyways =^_^=
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I could make a whole movie from those three peices! Well done!
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These are beautiful!!!
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second panel: SPACE MARINE!!!!!!
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:omfg: WOW! :)

Хорошо было бы отдельно дэушку увидеть :)
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Отдельно от костюма? ;p
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И так и так, я в восторге от твоих девченок)
Просто она похожа костюмом на Newborn Istina, а я от этой вообще без ума :D
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Newborn изначально была чисто фэнтезийной картинкой, которая потом плавно съехала в sci-fi. Мне правда трудно представить, что кто-то может быть от нее без ума (просто вижу, что не удалось до конца раскрыть потенциал), но тем не менее, спасибо! :D
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Смотрят плохо, а нарисовал ты все отлично :)
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dude I would love to see comic witth you'amazing style and skills !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks. :D

Well it's already in production [link]
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if these r yours, then you ned to work in the industry like NOW
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This is amazing! Let's keep in touch
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научиться бы так
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Starcraft FTW.
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Yeah make a comic like that! Pleeeeaaaase!
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i wish comics look like this
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Woah! Great job man! /eyegasm :D
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These are hot. Well done.

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is this actually gonna be used? 0.0
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