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Black Sorceress

By agnidevi
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Illustration for japanese smartphone game 'Bahamut Greed'.

She looks a bit different in game because of editing/censoring purposes.

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Black Sorceress! Will put a spell on you

CCR enjoy :)

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Gorgeous and enchanting
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The obvious breasts reach out and pulls you in, but it's the flow of colour that keeps your interest. Excellent.
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I like all but the expression on her face the eyes just seem way off.
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Would you ever consider setting up a patreon or releasing some of your PSDs on gumroad? to be honest i fawn over this piece a lot and it's one of my favorites on DA.

I'd give anything to have access to the psd to this or see the drawing process.
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Actually nobody ever asked for this, so I haven't thought of patreon or gumroad at all. On another note, commercial pieces like this one are usually owned by clients and you just can't share any originals unless they are allowing you to do so.

The good news are, I can do a much better job now and paint her twin sister. ;)

All I need is some time and a good punch. ;p You guys are always been fun, but kinda went dead quiet so I keep my profile low too.
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Obviously a witch. There is no way those boobs would stay inside that dress without the help of magic!
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Beautifully drawn. Masterful coloring, shading, background, mood...the whole works!
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Sweet lordess of seduction, she is jawdropping beautiful!
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She's beautiful!
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I wouldn't mind learning the Dark Arts from her.
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This is great. Love the detail on her clothing! Her left eye looks a little lower than it should be, however... Awesome piece!
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She's working  her  magic  on  me .  I  don't  have  a  chance !  ;-)  
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