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Black Library: The World Engine

Cover art for The World Engine novel by Ben Counter:…

© 2014 Games Workshop
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© 2014 - 2021 agnidevi
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This would make the Emprah proud

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Interesting equipment and epic metal skeletons. All this for a novel cover, wow.
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They can build a not!Death Star yet they feel compelled to hit things with sharp metal sticks instead of shooting them.
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I love this story so much
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Amazing and epic art work, congratulations!
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Just got the book.  Your work is stunning. 
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very nice picture of lychguard vs assault marines + seargeant
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do you happen to work your magic by painting over models from the Space Marine game? the details on the power armor and some of the weapons look uncannily similar to the assets in Relic's melee-shooter.
Your art so good keep drawing!
Hello agnidevi. You are awesome artist. Can ask you 1 little something. I am doing a website to mi father. Because need publicity. He have very much problems with his job.He is dentist. I need 4 or 5 pictures to the website. I can t pay you now. But if he have more people can pay you for the pictures. Sorry for mi bad english.
 I have a picture about the topic. But the quality is not good.
 If you have time, can help me please?
 This is the sketch:…
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Hi and thanks for the interest.

Actually my schedule is booked at the moment, sorry!
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One hundred hours of pure awesomeness. 
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Working for games workshop too atm but I can't reach this quality! God damn so nice!
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Thanks Chris! I wish I can do a better job here though.

Btw, what kind of stuff you did for GW?
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Nothing is released yet so I can't talk about it but war scenes :)
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Do you sell video tutorials? What brushes do you use?
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And regarding brushes, I borrowed most of them from various free online sources. Sorry couldn't find the links now but if memory serving me right it's Ditlev, Craig Mullins, Zhuzhu and Ruan Jia sets (just google these guys).
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Thank you for the quick reply!
I already downloaded a few weeks ago some of the brushes that world wide artists shared with the community, I found them here , plus I bought some good tutorials from Gumroad that include the brushes used in the videos.
Still searching for Craig Mullins brushes.
I started last year to paint in Photoshop and Painter. Have a lot to learn. I only used colored pencils until now.
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