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Beyond the horizon

Sometimes we're wondering what lies beyond our vision, beyond the horizon...

I've been inspired by Makoto Shinkai works (a talented japanese director/animator).
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i once paired this picture with a song called Reverence by Hammock. alot of people like the pairing. i personally considered it a perfect match to that song. if you look it up you can see what i mean :D excellent work on this drawing!

how can i download the image

i want to set it as a background wallpaper

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Try google, someone may have posted an upscaled version.
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Hi, got here from youtube and it's so beautiful. Where to get the full res copy??

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Классная работа!
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this is absolutely breathtaking (insert keanu meme)
hmm but seriously this is well crafted
I saw this in YouTube! Wonderful work! :) By the way is it ok to use this artwork for sns profile photo?(I'll credit you in twitter!)
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Thanks! Sure, no problem.
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This is so beautiful!
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Beautiful piece of art that gives me so much inspiration. Found this picture on youtube and came here to just say It's awesome.
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Matt, who is half chinese, and I write music under the name paperblade.
We are signed to Track attic and INgrooves in San Francisco but come from Bristol and London in England.
We have not yet got a website for our music.
We would like to use one piece of art as the front page for our website.
Would you be interested?
Could we use Beyond the horizon for our website?
Your art  is exactly what Matt was envisaging for our website
Thanks so much for your kind attention
Best wishes
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Hey Patrick, thanks for your interest!

Well sure you can use this piece, just provide some credits info somewhere on the site and that's it.

Have a blast! :)
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a few years ago i paired this picture with a song that matched it perfectly called
Reverence  by hammock.  i posted it to youtube but it got copyrighted.  so i guess this is the source image i didnt know who made it. i found it off some random picture sharing site lol.  excellent work! :P
Wow. Beautiful...just love it... 
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Loving the depth!  Applause!
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Incredible. The art isn't restricted to the canvas. It comes out, embraces you, tells you a story.

You're standing on the top of the hill, looking out, watching the sun set behind the horizon. What's out there? You become the centre of your own world. A world only limited by you. Move, and the horizon moves with you. Follow the sun, the light, the inspiration, your dreams. In your world, enlightenment never ends.
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Hey! Is it okay for me to use this picture in an Youtube video were I am playing a piano? I will of course credit you. :)
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As long as it's non-commercial.
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Okay, thank you!
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Hey, it's a very interesting scenery. Can i use this for my graphic works?
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What do you mean?
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