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Beach mecha

I wanted to show some kind of echos from the past theme. Something like WWII plane in the jungle or wrecked havy ship.

Long ago it was a battlefield and all that remains now is that old rusted battle mech.
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Awesome and beautiful! 
A speculative fiction version of Wewak, after WW2.
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Great work with such a variety of textures and colors
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Wow! Balloon Boy's Coming for that booty(batteries) 
Awesome work Heart
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Probably Earth a hundred years after the Zentraedi/Human war!  :)
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İ thank you sir for inspiring me to write a new story :D
Sagittarius-A-star's avatar
Cool!! :) I like the contrast between the peaceful beach and the silent, rusting battle mech, a relic of a war long past...
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I LOVE THIS!!! You've really captured the effect you were after. Well done. Faved and now to browse your gallery.... oooh the anticipation!
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This blows my mind! Sweet!
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this is great...i would like to get skill level to this point someday
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Thats like back in Puerto Rico Culebra Island
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I'm so jealous your creative mind falls onto the canvas/digital canvas so readily!!
Awesome picture....
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More brilliant juxtapozition!
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Amazing !! just amazing !!!
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Hopefully a frisbee/volleyball/beah ball doesn't get stuck on top of it.
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Very unique idea.

Very cool. ;)
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Brilliant of course.
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I find the concept gorgeous! The beauty of the lady makes the old robot so meaningless . I love the brightness of the image. the machine is like a door to another dimension of time and space.
It's like a victory of life over death...
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This is amazing color!
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