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Battle for Alpha Halo

By agnidevi
Long time no see. Got an OK from Egmont to show off some work I did for Halo Mythos back in 2015-2016.

Here you can see Master Chief crash landed on installation 04 or Alpha Halo, ready for battle. For this piece I wanted a movie like shot and it came out pretty close to my expectations.
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Is there a 1920x1080 version of this? Would make for really good wallpaper.
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Just cut its top and bottom and it would be 1080p.
Do you work in 343
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Wow amazing! how do you subscribe or like in devian art
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There are 'Add to favourites' instead of likes and you can add an artist to your watch list (i.e. subscribing).
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Did you draw this?
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Great job. That is amazing :-)
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Man this does look like straight of out of a movie shot. Amazing indeed.
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Wow just looking through your halo art and nothing has made me want to replay the series more, amazing work
Does deviant art have a like button?
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There is Add to Favourites button instead.
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I'm not a fan of the Anniversary version of the Combat Evolved Art style, but WOW you made it look awesome & bad ass at the same time. Great job!
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Beautiful work ! Really impressive
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oh this looks very outstanding looking so well done on this pic =3
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Very impressive artwork
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I feel like I could just stare at this for minutes on end

Well, I did actually lol

had to stop cuz I was starting to hallucinate that the clouds were actually moving

Oh my God there's just so much about this I love

It feels like it strikes this perfect balance between 'gritty, military washed-out olive' and something that's awe-inspiring, alien, somber and beautiful all at the same time

...which pretty perfectly sums up how I feel about some of my favorite moments from some of the earlier Halo games haha
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Definately very cinematic!
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Just another day in the life.
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