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Astra Black, page 05

By agnidevi
This is an updated version as I feel that backgrounds and colors are quite off.

I think the page is about 80% (maybe 90%) complete but I've to move to the next ones.

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Astra Black, page 04 by agnidevi
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Very good! Especially love the movement from warm to cool light across her naked skin in the first and second panels, and just impressive lighting all around.

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Will you be doing more like this in future?
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Vailaa's avatar
Her body alone will grant her the right to be Queen :)
agnidevi's avatar
Haha :D well I guess you need some brains too to rule your people.
Vailaa's avatar
Whoever said she didn't have any brain? ;) She may come off as some bimbo, (and a super cute one I'd add) but I'm sure there's an inner genius! :)  
traditional-art2005's avatar
Seriously you are drawing porn! 
traditional-art2005's avatar
if your drawing a naked woman then your drawing porn!
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Love it.  Reminds me of a character I wrote one time-- similar appearance, similar attitude.  Well-done.
GuyverReset's avatar
When can we expect another page?
Chriall's avatar
This had amazing potential it's a shame this is the last page ='[

BTW i really love your art style! =D
hr351's avatar
agnidevi's avatar
Thanks for your interest Chris! Technically it's not the last one - I just haven't uploaded the other pages, as they need an extra mile of work. :)
avenger09's avatar
Make sure to post them when your done. 
avenger09's avatar
I'm really intrigued to see where her story goes.
Flick-the-Thief's avatar
эх, со всякими геймс воркшопами (и прочими капиталистами-эксплуататорами) и комикс порисовать некогда, печаль)
agnidevi's avatar
Если бы капиталисты! В этом году вообще толком порисовать не удалось.
Flick-the-Thief's avatar
как так? Разве у тебя  рисование не хлеб насущный?)
agnidevi's avatar
Да нет, у меня фуллтайм работа совсем не про рисование.
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