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By agnidevi
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Wake up sweety! 2014 is up and running! :D

My best wishes and a happy New Year to all deviants, friends and fellow artists. Have a great and safe new year filled with love, fun and creativity. Be the light and shine like a beacon thru your works and actions. Create. Inspire. Enjoy.

Oh hugs and kisses from Astra Black (pictured above) to all guys (and girls).

Update: 03/01/2014  Fixed some bits here and there. Bigger version uploaded.


Naja of the Black Sun by agnidevi Astra Black by agnidevi
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is her hair short?
agnidevi's avatar
vakos67's avatar
in this girl's picture.Because i can't tell if the are stuck in her back or just the are simply short cutted.
agnidevi's avatar
Oh I thought you're talking about her other (censored) hair. Well yeah, she has a rather short hairstyle.
vakos67's avatar
well, it is obvious if she has or not hair down there.
But for the upper side,it looks to me the short "hot-but-lesbian" hairstyle.
agnidevi's avatar
So you can tell her orientaion just by hairstyle? Cool!
vakos67's avatar
are you implying that i am a lesbian? *looks around nervously*.Apollo Justice Sweating Icon 
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parece a yuno de cabelo curto
deviantxman's avatar
Super super sexy!
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simply breathtaking anatomy :rose:
ninjanoto's avatar
love the art style and is there a uncensored version?
agnidevi's avatar
Thanks! Of course I have it without censoring. ;)
zoron246's avatar
not on their pixiv
FrankMR's avatar
Beautiful anatomy and colour, very alive.
Aandersonn's avatar
So beautiful! You did a wonderful job! Clap 

Insominka's avatar
Очень круто)
agnidevi's avatar
Мы старались. )
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nakedness aside she is a beautiful work of art! no hint of gratuitousness here! Apart from the fact that you felt the need to censor it, isn't that ironic?
Whetsit-Tuya's avatar
Never heard of this anime
agnidevi's avatar
This isn't from anime.
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