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Aquapolis street concept

By agnidevi
A little sneak peak from Rainbow Dreams project.

Aquapolis is a huge city with mixed cultures and styles. Here you can see some of it's narrow passages with many shops and stores...
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© 2009 - 2021 agnidevi
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Beautiful work! Great Gallery!!
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Great! How many layers did you used in this one?
agnidevi's avatar
Just one I believe.
LadyDesert's avatar
Wonderful atmosphere and conceptualization.
UrbanMelon's avatar
I totally dig the lighting !
Interesting place. Nice scene
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Quantzz's avatar
Amazing and inspiring work! :)
Arkador's avatar
really nice, some good colour too, but i kinda think it wouldve worked better if you had shown the top part of the buildings too, and maybe a little sky, i think it mightve finished the picture a little better
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Like an old city and a not very nice place, almost like any harbor city, with drunk sailors and fights everyday. My kind of place.
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oh.... I want to see more :D
SolomonMars's avatar
very inspiring.
Blackunicorn777's avatar
Wow Awesome rendering!
The lighting is extremely beautiful!:)
Fuyukichi's avatar
I love how the images are seemingly blur when they are nearer.

When I saw the title, I was expecting a Venice-like water city:D

But I guess the excellent artwork makes up for it! Well done, it's beautiful!:+fav:
fantasio's avatar
such a wonderful mood, except for the creatures i could imagine Guybrush Threepwood coming around the corner;-)
SchneeKatze09's avatar
Amazing coloring!
OrangeBarra's avatar
the lighting is great! just :heart::heart::heart:
Chrislikestodraw's avatar
I really love this. Something about the colour and overrall tone, there's just so much happening there visually. :+fav:
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