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Agni devi

'Agni devi' means 'goddess of fire' on Sanskrit. This image striked into my mind almost unexpectedly... so I've got to capture those mystic and exotic feelings.
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I just found this on a youtube music compilation, and the first thing that popped into my head was Aaliyah's interpretation of Akasha from Queen of the Damned.
Makes me think of Kali or the character girl Kerrigan from Star Craft.
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It's bealtiful. You shoul give more details on the walls, I think. ;)
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Hi Agni, 

do you have this drawing in a higher res. I just saw it here… and was stunned how good it looked. There fore I was wondering if you have it in a higher res that I can use it for my Screen :)  (1080p/1440p)
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The original version isn't that big... less than 1080p I guess. I painted it almost 9 years ago you know.
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thx for your reply. Guess than i just have to enjoy it when i check your awesome drawings
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Wow sweet looking piece. Love the contrast in tones and overall layout. 
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Amazing.  THAT is a fire goddess.  I'd like to see different poses of the same.
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perfect pix love it 
Dude, pardon my language but that is fucking BADASS!
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What inspired your username?
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One of the best works in my favorites.. looking through my old ones now..and you were one of the inspiration.. :clap:
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Nice to hear that, thanks! :)
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amazing.... i just lost my words.

Beautifully beautiful....
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I love the contrast of her skin, jewels, and the flames! Amazing work!
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Really awesome work!
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Finally I found the answer.
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My gosh.... this looks real....
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