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Cover art for Play Magazine's The Girls of Gaming issue featuring Ayumi from X-Blades videogame [link]

The art in the Girls of Gaming issue looks very much like a centerfold in a Playboy, Maxim or other men's magazine but no nudity.

A day and a half in total due to the hella tight deadline.
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Oh, Thank you for this gift
And make more art with Ayumi if you can :D
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You're welcome! As for Ayumi, that feels like it was thousands years ago... not sure if I'll get back to this lady.
Or more like, you need to back to Ayumi :D
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Fantastic work. But we require a picture of her from behind ;)
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Not very practical for battle though. :)
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I remember this cover is pretty popular. 
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wonderful!! Clap La la la la 
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man I miss that game . Wish it had a sequal. and high quality art yo
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There is a sequel called 'Blades of Time' though the Ayumi looks a bit different.
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to me she looks and sounds majorly different . And comparing the two without being baised I like the original look of Xblades but enjoyed the combat more in Blades of Time . Also more characters and story too there
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Awesome art and i love the game thanks for the art and for sharing
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The lighting here is ethereal. Lovely.
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sexy largin badass !!!
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those itsy bitsy nix.
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I hate the character design in the game, but the way you depict her is awesome ^^
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My god, It`s so cute, soft and a bit shiny, that makes me cry
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One of my most favorite pieces of art, ever!
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