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Eclipse vs Classic

Eclipse vs Classic

First off, I assume DA staff is a professional team and their decisions are based on solid data, design skills and knowledge, understanding trends and community needs. In short, they know what they do. In contrast, agnidevi ( is just a random dude who happens to use DA for sharing his scribbles, enjoying art and community interaction. As I understand, DA wants ‘to bring back the big fish’ – professionals, content creators, influencers by providing an appealing modern look and feel, easy to use UI and awesome features. These are good and reasonable intentions. And who the heck would oppose that? So let’s see how it
Oh no... NOOO!! *Luke voice* I couldn't recognize my page anymore! Feels like someone vandalized your home and threw everything out. : / Man, I can't even find a message center! Such an unwelcome change. : (
How's you backlog doing? I mean that pile of games, books, movies etc. you put aside for later... have you made a dent in it?

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Happy Birthday!

I hope you have a wonderful day

Thank you! :)

With the reminder thing being off you're the only one who somehow get there.

You are Welcome! Dragonglomp

Probably because I was the only one who took much anticipated action when this was to happen, Since 4 years ago I was preparing for when something similar to this would happen and I could not see the birthday reminder again.

Since I am in DA (Nov. 2012) I have tried to be as faithful as possible to the birthdays of those I follow, and I hope I can continue being that way.

Thank you once again!

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First of all, I am in love with that Oola painting you did? How long did that take you? Did you do it digitally? If so, what kind of brushes did you use? Do you also have an Instagram?