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Fabric still life midterm

Charcoal. This study was a pain in the neck! I kept going off the pages, and it took forever to get the shape of the folds relatively right. Still not completely accurate, but it's the best I came up with for such a frustrating project. Fabric= EVIL.
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OMG i hated doing the fabric drawing. We both have/had the same teacher lol. I did one drawing and handed it in and said thats the best he is going to get lol. But yours is better then mine -pouts-
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Is it not evil? And just not misunderstood, either! It is EVIL!

How did your class with Professor Smith go, anyway? Did you have fun? :-) I never got to ask!
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Well congrats on keeping with it. I don't even know how you or anyone can get that level of detail and realism in with a single color and lines. Ross is no visual artist!

The only commentary I have other than encouragement and praise is that just left-of-center it looks as if something is poking out from behind the fabric, rather than it being the natural hanging fold.
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You know that third fold from the top that's the large one? There WAS a stick behind it to add extra dimension, so your eyes are not exactly playing tricks on you! :-) (Good to know, right?)

Most of my trouble was keeping value even enough that the shades looked dark and the big folds "popped out" by still providing enough contrast. Charcoal is a fun medium to play with, though. Most people in my class didn't like it because it is so dirty, but, um . . . I enjoyed that! :-D
ShadowedAcolyte's avatar
Aha! Well that's good then. *grin*

And getting dirty is very fun.
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oh gosh, i know what you mean.
i had to do this exact thing in my art class before i did a still life project. -.-
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It was horrible! I felt almost like crying every time I had to work on this still life. I think I did about ten extra drawings of the stupid thing counting the fabric still life I set up in my room to practice on after the class. >.< I don't remember how many I threw away but it was a lot.
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ah god that sucks D:
i had to redo mine a bunch of times too, it drove me insane.
i just ended up handing in a random one at the end of it.
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