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xx love


their endless moment

This painting started when she told me her story, the story about a young girl in love with another young girl. Often your entire life doesn't give you the opportunity to stay together, sometimes is due to the distances, sometimes to other people, sometimes to different 'times'. These two girls are living their wrong time, waiting for a time where they may meet themselves again.
I wanted to give them a place where to stay actually together. :heart:

watercolor and acrylic on watercolor paper (300g)
45 x 30 cm

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© 2013 - 2022 agnes-cecile
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I think it is your best work about the structure of the head. the drawing skill is acurated, and the stroking is really nice. about the colour I think it lacks a little of armony beetwen each range, even though the tones are correctly placed. The colour is not only a matter of emotion but is also matter of morphology. the objects you're painting and the structure of the same these in a coloured piece always depends on how do you use the colour.

<img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/> You´re doing an excellent work, the efects of this image are really nice, it owns a powerfull atmosphere and has soul.

I hope these words can support your work.
keep doing it!
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I really thought well on this artwork, I don't know about criticizing art but this was detailed well for the water to drip also. It s physic art work but I think the girl on the right should have been lowered a little bit and maybe the person on the left should have been facing to the viewers more?? sorry I really do love your artwork, it is so beautiful and unique keep up the awesome artwork and I can't wait to see more of your epic masterpieces, and i hope i at least helped out a little bit. I don't like criticizing people's artwork that much but i do love to help out people~
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I love it, but i don't like the body of the teen girl and oldest one's hair.
The body will be better with some more details on it and I personally like long hair. Your technique is gorgeous , you are very original and the impact is very big. The colors are the best I've seen and all are match together very well and I really love your signature. Thank you very much for let me critique your art. I will share your artwork with every one I know.
Have a nice day and keep up the good work !
Cius form Romania!
Again you have caught the characters exquisitely. You stun me by the way you capture a particularly personal atmosphere which gives me the feeling that I am almost imposing on their space. Quite brilliant and I adore this quality of your work.
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Love this moment
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A sad story :( The love for each other is obvious, yet it's also so sad. What a story, and what a fitting tribute x
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questo é vietato nei bari di Austria !  =)
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Love this, it's so delicate.
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perfect artwork!
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one of my fav pictures
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I also like this piece best ...the expression and 'lost space' between the two faces works well, you have a unique style

best regards
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It reminds me one of the Emma's pictures from the film "Blue is the warmest colour", its atmosphere. Very gently.
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Reading the description is so heart wrenching, so bittersweet. What a lovely idea
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The emotion depicted in this piece is amazing.  Incredible work.
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THis makes me sad but happy at the same time....ahhhhhhh
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This work is unbelievable, its solo beautiful
I made this into a calendar for the month of July in celebration of coming out to my parents. It's hanging above my desk on my wall, and every time I do my homework or sit down to draw I look at it and feel really giddy about the fact that my parents are supportive and they accept me and that I've accepted myself. I love this piece so much that I put off taking it down to put up a new calendar. Now it's the second week of september and it's still there, a reminder of how much I've learned and grown this summer. It's time to find a new piece of art for september :P Kind of bittersweet. Thanks for helping me celebrate my coming out :)
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You have a unique style. <3 Love the transitions.
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This is simply amazing!!!!*bows*just incredible....
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