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swallow's tail


Do you remember, dear friend, when you suggested me that I should see the swallows nests to inspire me?

HRSTA - Swallow's Tail

black watercolor
black ink.

original for sale
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Canon EOS 500D
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1/50 second
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32 mm
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Jul 13, 2011, 6:03:39 PM
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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
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:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
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Your vision is stunning, as if you can see perfectly where every shape and contour are before you place a single stroke of pigment on the paper.

Your style is so rare to see done so well, and you work nicely with dark and light values so even a black and white image is full of contrast.

You leave room for matting (amen) and you have professional quality in the way you handle the pigment and the paper while applying it.

This piece speaks to me, and many others I am sure. The wisps are pigment representing hair are so free and yet so accurate. Her eyes are rich with emotion and intensity. The way that you interpret the curve in the neck, and the bridge of the nose make me hold my breath every time I inspect them.

You paint because you love it, and I can tell. That is what makes an artist. That is who creates a piece of art. This, my dear, is a work of art- as are many other pieces in your gallery. You are an inspiration.
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thank you for all your words, I'm so glad. :hug:
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Wow it is very beautiful very nice work you should post this artwork at  
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Amazing I think I've fainted. ! Can I get this on a shirt or something :D (Big Grin) 
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So enjoy the art
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my facebook titul picture.. I hope thats ok
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Like Chinese ink wash painting
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I just love your work! It's inspiring ...
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The express/emotion in this amazing
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This great artwork has been featured here :)
May I tattoo this on my hand?
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I really love this. It really shows emotion even though its just black and white. What kind of ink do you use? and do you use watercolor paper?
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Still my all time favourite.
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I love the emotion you out into the eyes and the use of the fine lingering lines of paint.
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Why did it take me so long to find your gallery. I absolutely love it. This painting is evocative, melodious, innocent, haunting, sensual, ...amazingly fabulous. I'm a huge fan of this particular style within your significantly talented palette.
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Awsome!! I love your style!! Can I hire you? If not, do you know somebody I could?

I'm looking for a talented artist to create a proto-type comic book for the saga that I have written. It is an episodic action based sci-fi thriller named "Human." The story has some similarities with Sin City and Battle Angel Alita, so I am looking for something with that sort of a feel. The scripts all have copyrights and are registered with the screenwriters guild, so I am comfortable emailing you the scripts. I have the first several episodes of the series written already, and without boasting, they are quite strong.

The proto-type will be done in black and white... so ink. It's inexpensive, quick, and easiest without color. I am willing to pay a minimum of $500 for the project and possibly more depending upon your professional experience. I am only expecting about 20-30 pages worth of work. Please note that I am not offering ownership rights to the story that I have written. You will receive paid compensation and be given full credit for your work. However, if you are an accredited and established artist with proven connections into the comic and or television industry I would be willing to negotiate ownership rights... otherwise, I'd prefer to just pay you cash if that's okay :)

Please email me with your contact info and samples of your portfolio. If I like what I see, I will contact you back with the script and will ask you to do a 1 minute sketch of 4 or 5 of the characters, just to see if we're on the same page with the story and characters. I prefer working with somebody in locally and in person, but am open to working over the internet if it is with the right person.
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I dont know much about theory behind art and what one needs to know to give a critique, but when observing this painting, something struck me as it being different...

I initially wondered wheather the eyes needed a more glossy contrast, yet as i contemplated suggesting it, the symmetry of them entranced me, almost as if trying to hypnotize. To me this painting conveys introspection, where she seems to observe you and not I her. I feel a great sense of empathy from her

very nice
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Another brilliant piece.
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i love the expression on her face. (:
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