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small piece 26


small piece 26

watercolor and pen on watercolor paper
13cm x 14,5cm

part of Small Pieces, a series of 51 paintings made for a special project in collaboration with my musician; 
to know more about the project and to get originals and limited edition prints -

( 16/51 original paintings still available - )

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This is honestly how I view your art. Something that's simple, but powerful. I've always loved your vision of what watercolor should be. It's messy and let it's refined. You don't throw color on the paper without meaning it seems to me. At first glance it's monochromatic. Then it's looking like there are purples thrown in, then not. It's a fun little feast for your eyes because it can be both a glance simple pretty painting but then for someone it's so much more. I can't give you a technical critique, because this isn't a medium I'm familiar and choices like making the right arm look like a barbie cap on could honestly be intentional, but I can say how it makes me feel. That's why I'm back and back to your art. It makes me feel something.
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Oh my gosh... I'm loving it! what you do with watercolor is at the same time simple, pure and incredibly hard to do (for me)
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Simple and subtle, I love this piece. Great variation of blue, it makes it elegant. 
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Love the simplicity of these; although I'm sure it takes skill to make something that 'looks' so effortless yet be so beautiful! `¬)
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Beautiful! I always love the simplest form
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i have a feeling that this is not simple as it looks, you make everything seems super easy! 
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I love this. Really seems a bit lonely and vulnerable. Looks cold. Very well done
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Beautiful work! Amazing technique!
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Simple, lovely :) I always love the watercolour blooms
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I enjoy the simplicity
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This is so beautifully simple!  Love the elegance and emotion.  I can't wait to see the completed Small Pieces!
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beautiful and delicate ^^
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I can really feel the emotion in your work. This one I kind of get a sense of loneliness maybe she's sitting on the edge of a rooftop-- maybe she's sitting on the edge of a table-- either way wherever she is I can see/feel the loneliness. I could be completely off base though haha. I wish I could be half as good as you are with water colors and creating art in general.

I love how you express emotion in the choice of color as well, it all really pulls it together. Thank you for creating such lovely works of art for us all to enjoy.

excited happy


I checked out the link in the description but for the life of me I can't find the answers to the following questions:

Did the musician create a song and said song inspired this painting or did your painting inspire the musician to create a song?

Where could I find said song(s) to listen to and buy?
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bellissimoLove Love Love 
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Questo pezzo lo adoro, l'ho prima visto di sfuggita nel video poi lo rivedo qua, è stupendo per la sua semplicità!
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cool silhouette, you got here
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