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small piece 21

By agnes-cecile

small piece 26

watercolor and pen on watercolor paper
13cm x 14,5cm

part of Small Pieces, a series of 51 paintings made for a special project in collaboration with my musician; 
to know more about the project and to get originals and limited edition prints -

( 16/51 original paintings still available - )

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© 2016 - 2021 agnes-cecile
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amazing and emotional.

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beautiful and sublime

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How many colours did you use? Three, max? I think I saw your small collections in their real size before (though I think it was from picture) and when you say small, ma'am, you weren't joking! 13-15 centimeters, if I remember correctly? And even with such small space you managed to create 51 beautiful paintings. I love the simplicity of this one. Her posture makes me think like she's murmuring to herself, and the way her hair falls to cover her face adds the mysterious, curious vibe for me. Her legs look so pale and translucent compared to her hands as in she's more in touch (ha) with reality but slowly, she's disappearing to outer space. Really good job on this one, I couldn't really find anything to critique on.
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hehe outer space ;) Nice write!!
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this one is my favorite I think. simple, quiet, warm color.... with an amazing skill in painting!
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This is absolutely fantastic.Wish I could paint with watercolours so easy and with such 'light hand'.You are very talented.Well done.
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Love the simplicity of these; although I'm sure it takes skill to make something that 'looks' so effortless yet be so beautiful! `¬)
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Beautiful. I love the use of the color and fade. Makes me think (nostalgically) of days at the beach as a kid.
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this is very nicely done. Water colour?
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A simple piece, but lovely. Thanks for sharing.
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Awesome artwork!

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this is awesome and bright XD
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Awesome..! 。゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚ Love it! 
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