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small piece 07


small piece 07
watercolor and pen on watercolor paper
13cm x 14,5cm

part of Small Pieces, a series of 51 paintings made for a special project in collaboration with my musician; 
to know more about the project and to get originals and limited edition prints -

( 18/51 original paintings still available - )

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This is beautiful, whimsical use of water color, and a perfect example of how water color can be very loose and still serve the artistic purpose of showing a viewer something specific. I enjoy that the color scheme is extremely cohesive and the use of darker tones and the pink allow my eye to travel across the work. I wish the pink on the elbows was a little more pure, it looks like you laid it in while the paint from the shirt was still wet, but the the pink on the hands is nice and light and vibrant, like dried flower petals! The pencil pins around the arms are a little distracting because there's barely visible marks around anything else in the piece, your other color do well in masking most of your pencil lines. To maintain the levity of the piece, removing the pencil marks and replacing them with water color strokes would probably have been a better idea in my opinion. Over all it is lovely and simple work, pleasing to the eye with a lovely and intentional color palette.
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This is beautiful, I love it!! I really like your work with the different tools and all together it it very nice! I cannot explain why I like it... Maybe because out eyes decieve us? The colour choice seems really happy and then you look at it and it's this sad little thing. I guess it also reminds me of myself in a way? On the outside I look so happy, but then deep down I'm crying through my smile. This picture is just so well done and well thought out.

Wow.. ran out of words... So...
-Filler XD -

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This work is a great example of how less is sometimes more. There is so much raw emotion in the pose and colouring of the person that no background or fine details become necessary. The colours are nearly monochromatic--simply shades of blue-gray-purple that seem to melt into one another, yet somehow still manage to define specific areas of shadow. Expert use of negative space. I'm a little put off by the still-visible pencil lines on the arms, but at the same time, it does add a nice sketchy vibe to the piece (so I suppose it's more a matter of opinion). Excellent work!
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This is gorgeous!
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Love this! Looks really good :) Maybe u can check out my work xo
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wow.... Amazing, Beautiful! 
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this doesn't deserve 1k likes no offence
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This is amazing. 
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Gorgeous and emotional, I love it!
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I like it, even the use of this paint increase the effect of tears. Simple and beautiful
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Amazing piece, I really like how you shadowed her hands in this piece. Your use of negative soace is very nice. I think that sometimes less can be so much more in art pieces. I try to keep that in mind when I'm working so I don't agonize over details. 
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Simple, but very beautiful. c:
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Your simple pieces are just as effective as your others, amazing
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Hello, I am writing a story and I would like to know if I can use this illustration in it.
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Amazing. I know doing watercolor on a small scale is hard (watercolor is hard in general), but this looks awesome. I love the messy simplicity of it. :)
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simple but its impact is really strong.
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