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quando incontri un angelo


100cm x 70cm
black ink, black acrylic, black varnish

_when you meet an angel

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Canon EOS 500D
Shutter Speed
1/83 second
Focal Length
18 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Nov 25, 2010, 9:26:11 AM
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These are amazing!!! OMG!!!
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wahou c'est à en perdre le souffle tellement c'est fascinant. Bravo pour votre travail.
LovEya4evaXD's avatar
one of my favorite things about your artwork is finding the figures in all the beautiful chaos
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Of all the art I have ever seen, this is the most touching to my heart and soul. Your art brings the human embodiment to a point were I can almost touch its skin and breath its words. I can only dream to crease the surfs of this world yet crease the human spirt. If I am to die tonight or in ten years, I will never forget, I shall never forget this masterful life you have made. For it has been permanently burn behind my eyes.
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I love all your work but perhaps these black on white works are my favorite - they all have such a great dynamic quality and energy. Very beautiful but not "pretty" or too "precious". Any critique would be nit-picking but if I had so say one thing I guess I'd say that although the off balance composition is great on this piece I think the use of negative space could be a tiny bit better. Perhaps the loose flowing lines too evenly cover the right side of the paper - but as I said, it's a gorgeous piece as is. Thanks for sharing it with us.
ReedVoskuil's avatar
A beautiful, erotic abstraction. Fantastic placement of the body. Wonderful work!
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wow. amazing work.
Grinnripper's avatar
even in the abyss of chaos form occurs ;)
Grinnripper's avatar
even in the abyss of chaos form occurs ;)
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Mi piace il tuo stile, e il tratto che usi in certi lavori =)

io non sono così brava, disegno per diletto, però mi piacerebbe avere un tuo parere.

Generalmente uso carboncino su fogli A3 ruvidi e ogni tanto mi piace giocare con gli effetti grafici digitali.

take a look fairyjen's Gallery
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when u meet an angel... love it...
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Your work is great...
It's so far of traditional stuff, and taht makes it more great..
It has a lot of different meanings, it's so simbolic and abstract, and I LOVE IT!
I like when something is not so evident, cause being it makes everything lose sense...but when you have to think, and interpret, you realize it's a great thing, cause it gives you perpectives, and you always would find something new....
Think you got me, didn't ya?
ok, the idea is taht I LIKE IT.... ;D
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these are amazing! this style looks very random, but it all works together
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This one stirs up so many interpritations
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sei un'artista fantastica
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I'm in love with everything you put up.
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Your drawing is very natural and fluid, I love the strength of your lines: congratulations very good job!
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love ur style of art!
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your style: "perfect"

c-osmos's avatar
This is beyond great. It's so dramatic and somehow theatrical.
We really feel the mood of the piece, and this counts for every piece of yours.
Nihai's avatar
you were drawing profile face - but then you suddenly split ink on paper ... it's very random, very chaotic ..
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