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our great love story


oil and acrylic on canvas _ 100 x 70

Like "M." [link] this is a canvas with a lot of levels under the final painting. Yes, another hard fight with form and colour!
(at the bottom-right there are two little black vertical lines, they are two little cuts that I made with my knifes during my discontent)

The great love story is irony, it is just a fight like in this painting where at the end you come out exhausted.
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Jun 5, 2011, 11:47:08 AM
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Paintings like this really make me think about what goes on in your mind. The brush work is very expressive and violent, it really illustrates a lot of strife and struggle and hard work. The figures in this can conjure up a lot of different feelings. The face on the right looks as if it's in a daze, thinking upon some kind of incident that has happened or maybe trying to internalize an uncomfortable event. The face on the left looks like it's crying or fading away, being torn apart by some kind of tragedy maybe. It's as if the left face feels more pain than the face on the right.

But it's painting like this, with titles like this, that really make think deeper about not only you as an artist...but you as a person. It makes me think about your experiences. "our great love story". It really makes me think about what that means. It makes me ponder whether or not your paintings are inspired by real events, romantic relationships, ( if you've ever been in one) or if they're merely figures that you make up in your mind to simply portray a feeling.

Very very emotive. <3 <3
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thanks for your words, I really liked your critique. It's an important painting for me. (:
All my paintings talk about feelings that I have lived or that I'm living just now, I can't show a feeling that I never try.
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That makes sense. :3
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
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This piece is simply amazing! The painting looks quite simple, but one can tell from the layers of oil that the artist spent lots of time and consideration on it. As always, this Agnes Cecile piece invokes emotion within its viewers <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt="=D" title="=D (Big Grin)"/>

The contrast between the two faces is perfect and ironic. The left face looks absolutely fatigued and depressed, while the face on the right looks helpless to cure the left head's inner pain. The dripping effect on the left face further implies that there is no love at all, or that the love that existed between these two is "dripping" away. The seemingly closed eyes by the left head suggest that they are unwilling to look at the right head due to the pain they've caused them, which is absolutely accurate in a broken relationship. The right face also seems to suffer from the pain (evidenced by the blue dripping on the left side) of knowing that the love that existed between these two is fading away, but their face suggests that they are trying to hold back the pain.

One thing does bother me. Your use of blue on the left face under the lips seems quite random and misplaced. This is just nitpicking, though.

Oh, and where's your name on here? This masterpiece is yours!
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Incredible! It moves me so.
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Bambola di Pezza- La Oreja de Van Gogh
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wow !! amazing !
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Thought I did not like a painting -seems like something is missing, I appreciated the emotion and description.
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Great, i love it.
someone said that if you get the viewer's attention for 3 seconds, you've got a good painting. well I was staring at this piece for minutes. bravo. no more words, just joy.
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This is absolutely beautiful! Well done. :)
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Devastating. When a painting elicits an emotion... powerful, crushing in its desolation... it's such a rare and moving experience. To find that elusive place where the subtle delicateness of color and depth and subject matter and talent overwhelms the viewer, you have defined something inexplicable...transcendental... This is masterful.
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All the details you've added are great. Excellent work!!! :D
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I'm glad I've found you!! You are very very very talented and original. I love every single piece of your entire work.
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beautiful work
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It's so beautiful how you handle the mediums here. The form on the left seems to melt downward with the paint as the color from the back is struggling to fight its way forward against the form. The face on the right is beautifully drawn and is much clearer than the form on the left: this contrast in detail (for lack of a better word) between the two forms however, I am not sure if it works too well here. They each seem to stand on their own, then again, it's difficult to say without seeing one without the other, and it may be that different look is what makes the piece to interesting to keep examining.

The more I look at it the more I fall in love with the face on the left and how dark tones under the chin, the nose, and the eyes suggest a face, yet the line where the cheeks would be melts away into the paint. Simply gorgeous :)
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why do you use acrylic and oil paints?
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Love the emergence of the faces from the canvas the detailing is especially rich on the RH figure but the whole image is very good and the colourways are interesting if a little ghostly.
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amazing, all of your artwork is simply beautiful, if i could i would wallpaper the walls of my home with all your work, its so inspiring, i love your style and the subject is always so powerful and the expression and stuff. also i love the colours! truly breathtaking!
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