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odore di pioggia


smell of rain

Photoshop CS4; Wacom Intuos4 pen tablet; I did this some months ago or so, around 10h I believe.

Thank you to *BenoitPaille, for their inspiration and beautiful photos.
Reference: [link]
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is more than incredible!!! seems that she would like to ask for... or remains waiting for an answer... really an awesome truly sad expression trought all the humans senses seems.... i can't be sad with her, i know she isn't real, but i really want to help her... as she was real...
Did you talk to her while you paint??? some times we need to have a near dear friend joing our work... how do you felt???
I once made this experience... so funny try to make the people watch you, when you decided to make them sad...
complimenti d'oro!!!!
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very impressed with the textures.
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Good but the head isn't in harmony with the body
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perfection of execution does not lessen the power of this image. This is storytelling.
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It looks like a picture. ITs soo weird! this deserves more views!
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Awesome! I loved the hair (:
How long did this take you?
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i can only express myself in one word, awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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An outstanding gallery. The smell of rain caught my eye. A wonderfully crafted piece. Keep up the great work. B.
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This is very very beautiful! :D
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Okay. How is it you can beautifully handle every medium? You're incredibly talented!
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Mi piacce moltissimo la pioggia!!! tanto di piu se non si è da solo...
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Okay you are officially flawless.
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... I totally thought this was a photo. This looks beautiful. <3 I love the way you did the rain and her hair, the texture of her skin and her shirt... It looks so pretty.
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just AWESOME! It looks so real :O
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Such beautiful work! I thought I recognized the image, and I see in the description you thank Benoit Paille. My thanks to Benoit, too, for providing the source for this lovely painting!
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