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miss violence



watercolor, acrylic, charcoal and pen on canvas
(100cm x 70cm)

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The delicate use of the watercolor in the creation of sundry textures throughout "miss violence" is impressive to say the least. A mastery of the medium at work is evident, as it is applied in a delicate, purposeful fashion. Placement of the arms in alignment with the line of sight of the individual creates a deep curiosity within me and my eye keeps being drawn back to the top right after venturing to the bottom right to explore the faint purples and pinks drifting downward.

In regards to balance, I experience a feeling of heaviness when exploring the top left corner sharply contrasted with a sensation of weightlessness in the bottom right portion of this piece. The figure is framed and free simultaneously. The edges of this piece disappear while following the line of sight of the woman in the piece. To the top right there is plenty of room for the subject matter to breathe. The room to the right of this piece is critical because although it is empty, this section plays a significant role in the creation of space.

I find myself wondering what the woman in the piece is experiencing mentally at this particular moment, whether they are alive or not, and what event led them to this particular moment. An artist statement by Cecile Agnes on the piece would be quite interesting.