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miss violence


watercolor, acrylic, charcoal and pen on canvas
(100cm x 70cm)

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© 2014 - 2021 agnes-cecile
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The delicate use of the watercolor in the creation of sundry textures throughout "miss violence" is impressive to say the least. A mastery of the medium at work is evident, as it is applied in a delicate, purposeful fashion. Placement of the arms in alignment with the line of sight of the individual creates a deep curiosity within me and my eye keeps being drawn back to the top right after venturing to the bottom right to explore the faint purples and pinks drifting downward.

In regards to balance, I experience a feeling of heaviness when exploring the top left corner sharply contrasted with a sensation of weightlessness in the bottom right portion of this piece. The figure is framed and free simultaneously. The edges of this piece disappear while following the line of sight of the woman in the piece. To the top right there is plenty of room for the subject matter to breathe. The room to the right of this piece is critical because although it is empty, this section plays a significant role in the creation of space.

I find myself wondering what the woman in the piece is experiencing mentally at this particular moment, whether they are alive or not, and what event led them to this particular moment. An artist statement by Cecile Agnes on the piece would be quite interesting.
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It was a cold February morning like any other. A morning that chills your spine like frost on an old gutter on the porch. Some days like these would make you go home and warm yourself under the fire and coco. That would have to wait.

Like a wounded gazelle she came, bleeding. Eyes crystalline, and hair like cherry blossoms. Then she collapsed, cold and dead as the winter.

Like listening AFI's Miss Murder on a snowy noon, only this one's filled with more blood and a mysterious death. Surreal blood that is. Surreal blood that's filled with purple and lavender like a summer field in a sunset.

I don't know if it's blood, and I don't know if it's symbolic or not, but she bleeds as if a brush filled with watercolour with a spectrum like a bubble popping out. It's colours and ideas bursting like a volcano on acid.

The colours and the victim contrast with a dissonance, like neon nightlights on iron-grey twilight. Her death had been brutal, yet her face disturbingly calm.

Just who is she? Who killed her? What killed her?

This needs further information.
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this has a great use of technique and it like nothing i have ever seen before. it would nice to have a little bit of context about the image however it gives out a strong message on its own. it would also be nice to know what inspired this piece and i like to see more like these. i will definitely be watching out for more of your work as i find this very inspiring and may try and experiment with this style myself

overall great work and keep it going can't wait to see more of it very soon
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I haven't commented on a painting from you in a while but i had to for this one. Most of your painting i enjoy because they all seem to give off a story or deeper meaning behind the picture. this one doesn't do that so much but i have never witnessed one from you that looks so life like.i always enjoy looking at your paintings and even own some. I am looking forward to your future works and hope you continue to grow. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
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يا اسرائيل ...
تريد مني أن الاستسلام للبندقية؟
ومجرد السماح لديك متعة الخاصة بك؟
الذين رأيك أنا؟
لديك الرقيق الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية، تلك التي كنت قد ينخدع بالأكاذيب الدعاية الخاصة بك؟
كنت نقلل لي
هل نسيت من أنا؟
اسمحوا لي أن أذكركم
ولدي جميع مايتي الله على جانبي
احمل راية
"لا illaha إلا الله"
"لا إله إلا الله"
كنت تعتقد أنك قد أضعفت لي
ولكن أنت لا تفهم
هل لي فقط تعزيز
كنت تسبح في الدم شعبي
دماء الأبرياء من الشباب والشيوخ
بينما أمريكا تطعمك الخبز
أن يكون القتلى طفل آخر
وبعد تدعون أنا إرهابي؟
يمكنك خداع العالم ولكنك لا تستطيع أن تخدع الله!
لن يتم دفن إيماني والثقة به لأنه لن يموت أبدا
انا اقدر على الصبر لأنني أعرف سيتم قريبا الانتقام يطرق على الباب الخاص بك،
ليس من لي، ولكن من الذي خلق لي ولكم!
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WillaWombat kind of hard to answer your questions if I'm blocked
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O Israel ...
You want me to surrender to the gun ?
And just let you have your fun ?
Who do you think I am?
Your slave United States , the ones that you may be fooled by propaganda lies of your own?
You underestimate me
Did you forget who I am?
Let me remind you
I have all Mighty God on both sides
I carry the banner
"I do not illaha but Allah "
" There is no god but God."
I think you may have weakened me
But you do not understand
Is it just me strengthen
I swim in the blood of my people
The blood of innocent young people and the elderly
While America feeds bread
To have another child dead
After you claim I am a terrorist ?
You can fool the world but you can not fool God !
Will not be buried my faith and trust in him because he will never die
I appreciate the patience because I know revenge will soon be knocking on your door ,
It is not me , but who created you and me !

What in the world does tis have to do with the piece of art???
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Wowww so you painted this pic! I saw this like 3 years ago and wondered who could have painted it! So beautiful!
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Wow! i saw this photo on google and i cant believe ive found it XD So beautiful!!!!
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this is so beautiful oh my god
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One of my definite favourites of yours. The watercolour is a genius visual metaphor for blood, I can see it seeping out. Like in many of your pieces, I'm amazed at how you portray intangible state of minds, that can be interpreted in everyone's own way.
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C'est tellement imaginaire... C'est beau.
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I've actually seen a ton of your work before, I never realized that it was yours until I stumbled upon your society6 page today. You're CRAZY TALENTED, Makes me want to keep trying to do water colour (i'm better with my pencil and eraser, lol.) 
Thanks for creating such gorgeous art, I'll be buying two of your laptop sleeves off of society6 as an early birthday gift to myself. :-) 
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Great work, so emotional and beatiful
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how do you scan them? :D 
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pretty colors huehue
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is this based on Zooey by chance?
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Love that expression, has that Tim Burton feel to it, 
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this is just so pretty. I love the combo of the watercolor, charcoal, pen and acrylic paint. Lovely.
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The shadows under the arms though!! Make it look so realistic!!
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