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Collaboration with Lorenzo Malo Marotti

video - [link]

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Canon EOS 500D
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1/32 second
Focal Length
21 mm
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Date Taken
Dec 5, 2010, 10:32:46 AM
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:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Vision
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The fury of thought bounds unfettered. The chaos of the mind, the titular fever, is well represented in explosive arts and pitch blotches, which erupt in terrible ecstasy from the bust's head. The bust itself takes shape with the same sense of disorder, controlled just enough to give the character its shape.
The simplicity of this is perhaps the most striking aspect to me; it somewhat ironically resembles psychiatric inkblots, allowing the ink to usurp the space beautifully, wasting nothing for background or other excesses.
And the reaching hand... whose is it? Possible interpretations of that central limb give the work an even further depth, bringing the conflict of the fevered mind into powerful pitch.
It is difficult to offer negative criticism on a piece which seems as if it flowed from the artist's consciousness, and the one issue I do have is purely aesthetic. The thickness and position of the bust's shoulders pull my eye away from other more intriguing aspects of the work. If this is the artist's intention, then they have done well (perhaps alluding the the bearing of chaotic thoughts on the shoulders?).
Altogether a brilliant piece, an elegant mess with powerful conceptual weight. Bravo.
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What kind of pen can't believe, you do it
the-eyes-of-ilea's avatar
This is SO AMAZING !
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Still one of my favourite pictures! 
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Fever ... when you're near me.  Fever all through the night.  You give me fever.  Sing along with me!
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i would very much like to buy this from you

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Ok I just saw a few of your videos and your art is amazing insane awesomeness and it's really inspiring and it is like no other art that I have seen before and so just keep up the great work
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Stunning piece of work. it looks both controlled and chaotic at the same time. The calmness of the expression contrasts well with the hair.
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It reminds me of Sandman, in a kind of way.... Brillant work here!
Un'intensità che colpisce profondamente. Un lavoro superbo, complimenti!
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Great series, nice drawing works!
AisuruNeko-Chan's avatar
Didnt you post a video of painting this on youtube???? xD
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The best painting I've ever seen on dA!
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That's just how do I feel..
Great work mate, your imagination has talent as much as your hands does.
Keep it up :)
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Beautiful just amazing waw
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video just seen... impressive!
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If I may ask, what is the size of the painting?
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This series is impressive. Well done.
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muy artisticos y muy teatrales, te felicito
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