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all around the sea

By agnes-cecile
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watercolor and pen on watercolor paper (200g)
20cm x 20cm

original photo:…

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MxchiFrxnciscxHobbyist Digital Artist
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Technique
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I've only just seen this on the "critiques" page of DeviantArt, so this is my first time seeing your work (so I can't compare it to other things you've done). If this work, a picture of a girl walking on water, had been done with any other medium (acrylic paint, marker, colored pencil, etc.), it would've looked like a stock image Apple would offer as a default iPhone wallpaper, but because it's done in this particular medium, there's a transparency between the medium and the subject matter, which is really cool.

You used water to paint water, making it easier to be felt by your audiences, and then also painted the girl with water, which conveys the idea that the girl and the water are a single entity, like that of a musician to his instrument. The light source in front of her is plain white and you can't see any details as to what's in the water, which combined make this look very mysterious and ambiguous, as if this is the last girl on Earth, or she is some sort of goddess. Or, alternatively, this is an idea going on in her head, perhaps in a daydream. Either way, this is, at the very least, very aesthetically pleasing.

My one critique, which is incredible minor, is that I cannot tell which way she is facing. The shadows on her feet made me thing she was walking away, but the position of her arms looked like the was walking towards the audience. Other than that, fantastic piece.
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:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Impact

I really enjoy this watercolor.

It evokes a series of emotions ranging from despair and frustration to hope. I feel that the subject is actually walking away in the piece, yet has turned around to look back. Maybe to reflect on what she is leaving or to remind herself of that past she has left behind. He mood is complex and left open to the viewer of the piece to determine whether it is positive, negative or just neutral. To me, it resonates as a neutral, maybe somber mood.

Thank you for sharing your work and for opening up to the critique!
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Bella-KunstHobbyist Photographer
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I find the quiet simplicity of this work very appealing. When viewing I can almost hear the open space softly echo with a subtle sound of water. I am intrigued by the direction of the figure, which at a glance appears to be walking away, but on longer inspection it is also possible to see her as facing forward. If the path marks where she has been, perhaps she is turning around. The ambiguity, intentional or not, creates a wonderful sense of mystery. There are so many possibilities for the viewer to create a story and thereby connect their own experiences and feelings to the work. Such capacity is the mark of great work. In terms of technique, although the picture at a glance seems simple the perfect and subtle shading in the dress and on the arms is exemplary and reveals the artist's skill. The only miss in my eye are the two circular water drops on the viewer's right of the figure. They seem accidental and unfortunately interrupt the otherwise smooth and subtle shadings of the area. It is a slight and forgivable mar to the soothing calm effect of the wider 'water' area. The impact of this work I believe will vary with the connection the viewer feels. For myself, it is easy to see myself as the figure and the impact is strong and inspirational. For others, perhaps they will see someone they know or have known, or perhaps they will find a more philosophical or abstract connection. What is important is that there are so many ways to connect to the work, rather than only one way of experiencing it. Overall it is a wonderful! I wouldn't hesitate to display such a work in my home or elsewhere. It's calm mystery would make it a pleasure to see and swim through the contemplations it inspires regularly.
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Cora-TianaProfessional Traditional Artist
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:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

I love the idea of the painting and its general mood - reflective, meditative, evoking the feeling of peaceful and calm. it's conceptual. the water soothes, and nothing diverts your attention from the main idea and the main message. And the girl brings a story to the picture, and makes it even more conceptual and concentrated. This mood is emphasized by the technique, light, transparent, and subtle, very dream-like, bordering between dreams and reality. The choice of colors matches the mood, I like "desaturated" style, and its minimalism, blending of colors and the accent of slightly pink on the water, to make the picture warmer and emotional.
The exquisiteness of the picture is emphasized by its miniature size.
The square format looks very stylish and modern.
So generally it looks very harmonious and integral, lucid and soothing.
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marinaribotStudent General Artist
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It does not tell anything to me. I know it is more difficult to transmit feelings with the body than the face. But when you draw that profound eyes I feel implicated in the drawing but not with that one. For me it is a died picture. I am sorry because I usually love your work. This one is very different to the rest, which is fantastic, I think is the best you can do, to innovate your style, but without losing your essence and your good points. And your best point is what you transmit to people, to each person.
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marinaribotStudent General Artist
If you think I've said that, you obviously have not understood anything about my comment. I think that this artist has a strong point which is what she can transmit to people, what she can make people feel. But with this picture she doesn't transmit anything TO ME. And I have said it clear, I think, it easiest when she draws a face but actually I feel more realized when she get it with something more complicated, but it is not case. At any time I have said "it's horrible", I've just said that it doesn't tell anything to me.
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BlackVinylHobbyist Digital Artist
So you don't like this piece because it doesn't have a face attached to the body? She was apparently going for something different than in her usual works. I think your critique is unfair because you think this artist should only draw what you like and if it isn't what you like then it isn't any good.
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Molto bello, mi piace il senso della liquidità dell'acqua che il tuo disegno trasmette.
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SoneSkyStudent General Artist
Love Love Love Love Love 
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I'm not an artist, so I can't comment on technical aspects of this piece.  But, as a consumer looking for art to create a specific calm but uplifting mood in my urban apartment I can say I am immediately drawn to this piece.  It makes me feel serene, hopeful, and at peace.
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bella la tua galleria!
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I love how it's so simple, yet beautiful
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IBKARTHobbyist Filmographer
This is very nice! I love the way you used more water than paint pigmentations. Definitely a great effect!! Well done!
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Rose-Kira-chanProfessional Traditional Artist
I disagree with the critique that described this piece as 'dead'. In fact, I thought it looks very much alive and even if it's different than your usual amazing portraits, it conveys feelings that the viewer can relate to. The water effect made by a few brush strokes are lovely, great job. Love your work. :hug:
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neil-gnarHobbyist Traditional Artist
Tranquil .. can imagine the brushwork ... elegant and soft I want to say .. thanks for sharing
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One of your most beautiful works i've seen. ^^
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dragonfutureHobbyist Writer
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Expressing much with little is a level of artistic skill many would be glad to achieve. Great work.
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bigartisteArtHobbyist Traditional Artist
I have to say I love the simplicity. The reflection looks GREAT. I could just stare at that part. But I do agree with marinabot. It is a bit dead and soul-less. I would need something more. Maybe more depth, something on the background other than white. It's a little bit flat.
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LC-Bailey-Art General Artist
I think it is a lovely piece with an interesting composition. I feels like there is a story there, and I want to know more.
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LyraEstellaHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love this!
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Oleg-BardenkovProfessional Traditional Artist
BEAUTIFUL!:) (Smile) 
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Meggie272Hobbyist Writer
Beautiful simplicity, love it. 
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