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Queen Of Diamonds - new video



This is my participation to the most colorful deck of cards by Playing Arts Project.
I made the Queen of Diamonds.

Queen of Diamonds:…
All the cards:
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This is your process photo for the final piece, but it is interesting to note that I respond better to this face as it is now than how it was finished, which is why I write this. Of the directions you could have taken this, I was surprised by your choice. That being said, this is truly a beautifully rendered, rather realistic portrait. The monochromatic feel to it makes it interesting, but do not make it too far fetched, in my opinion. I cannot complain about any technicalities, so I must simply say, "There is no accounting for taste" and leave it at that. For the time spent, you should be proud, and not worry about whether or not this was my favorite piece. Good work.
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amazing, nice painting and great video! I downloaded this video using total video downloader for mac. If you do not allow me to keep this video, please tell me. I will delete it!
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I love your work! Do you paint on a wet canvas or do you paint it on a dry one?

I have been thinking about trying watercolour since I have some at home, but I am afraid because I have no idea how to paint with them!

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+fav +fav +fav +fav ________________________________Heart _______________-duckie
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Why, as shown in the video, did you place the painting upright and make droplets of water fall down the painting?
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Well drawing ! She is sort of beauty baut... She scares me !
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Amazing!----Extraordinary talent you have, great video too! 

I'm not a painter, so I've no business critiquing you...But, as a person who has eyeballs, awesome work! 

(I just Subbed you at YT)

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I absolutely adore your style and how you make the eyes look dreamlike yet so incredibly vivid. :heart:
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Fabulous!! i like your work! hi from mexico!

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i was lost on the thought on how the whole deck would look like, i bet it would be as amazing as this one. :D
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this looks awesome
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Wooow..! Amazing! O.O
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Your work is utterly spectacular, I find that I cannot look away. The eyes in particular are hauntingly beautiful.
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Its good to see you keep your paints in good order :)
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I'm always mesmerized by your works!! Heart Heart Heart 
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Hauntingly beautiful! Watched the video and love the concept you created and also the eyes! :):happybounce: 
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beautiful watercolor work!
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