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Leaves on Skin

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By agnes-cecile   |   
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© 2017 - 2020 agnes-cecile


watercolor, acrylic and pen on paper
60 cm x 45 cm

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Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 (Macintosh)
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JungleballsHobbyist General Artist
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Easy to see why you're a top rated seller. The use of the subject's skin as a canvass is perfectly executed and the soft vibrant watercolors are very pleasing to the eye. Combined with the woman's gaze and her position I think you nailed the placement perfectly. The pose is perfect, and I really like where you stopped on her body, it's enough to suggest the rest of her body. My only grey area is that I would have liked to see her eyes and a couple of other features contrasted or sharpened giving it more of a 3-D feel in some areas while preserving the "blend to flat" look. Over all I love it and respect for a fantastic piece.
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LizTheKairosStudent General Artist
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What is she looking at...what is she thinking? Its tattooed on her skin, her character bleeds through. I strive for this, to be earthy, and comfortable in my skin. I've always felt like a hippie at heart and she makes me remember and grab on to that feeling. To not lose ourselves, and find that grounding is a constant balance...beautiful and feminine. The painting is touched by a bright sun and I feel like she could be outside in the morning perhaps in the mountains somewhere. Walking barefoot with the confidence that she is part of her environment, that she is the very nature she was meant to be. Thank you.
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If Lilith had a portrait, I rather like to think that this would be it, mild and free... Totally unabashed, unapologetic, and entirely confident. The shades between jade and emerald green, the pops of mauve and lavender, the sudden slashes of crimson and wonderful dusty rose...

The septum ring is perhaps one of my favorite little surprises in this painting, along with the bead in the hair, if only because it's such a natural part of the photo that without it a bit of the magic would be gone. The dreads are a fantastic touch, along with the shaved sides of the head, it gives it this look of modern and naturalist all rolled into one. Like a punk rocker dryad posing for a portrait to be painted by her favorite starving artist.

I also adore the fact she appears to have freckles, which really just to me, adds the finishing touch to this painting. The little drops of mocha and latte on her skin shows so much love to the girls who have this same style of skin. Freckles are like bits of glitter that the sun leaves on you, and I think they are just the loveliest things, which is the final stroke of brilliance is seen.
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Wow, where to start. This is absolutely beautiful and I think one of my absolute favorites on deviantART. I love that you mixed soft lines- almost blurry and the clearer lines and flower patterns. The pose is very nice and you added a lot of pretty details. For example the septum and the earrings. I would like to see some background maybe? Not that it's really needed though, just a thought. I also adore the brush technique you used for this. The colors converge nicely and make the piece look vivid. The small dots here and there add a nice charm and look a bit like freckles on the face. This simply is a beautiful art work!
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ariya-saccaStudent General Artist
I love it!
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transmuthHobbyist Artist
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LaurentluxProfessional General Artist
very very sensual and beautiful!
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lisatamiHobbyist Digital Artist
el photoshop
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Elaine-the-insaneHobbyist Traditional Artist
Great, I especially love the way you painted the face! Really beautiful!
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thedrumergirlHobbyist Artisan Crafter
I love the idea of this pic very much, well done! 
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So beautiful artwork. So wild, so free...very nice :)
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theresakautmanProfessional General Artist
WOW! I love the look of watercolor - and haven't seen many paintings of humans done so well - but watercolor mixed with the acrylic and pen is genius - it  really gets the human depth of essence expressed much better than just watercolor alone - awesome work.  Dreamy yet powerful - 
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OwlamooStudent Traditional Artist
 I love your works. You are so talented. Congrats...
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SpamBusta Digital Artist
ahhh, pictures like this are why i love watercolors
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Elaine-the-insaneHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, I really love it!
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irisv-cProfessional Traditional Artist
This one is great! I love the details! ^^
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Owie-MeganeHobbyist General Artist
I hope I get to be as good as you one day
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TheLettuceHeadHobbyist Digital Artist
This is so beautiful!!
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PearlontheseaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful!Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] Heart 
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very nice i like it
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Nicholas-ChamberlainProfessional General Artist
This is incredible!
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mike-tormaProfessional Traditional Artist
Very evocative piece!
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xoDAREHobbyist General Artist
I think any critique given on such a work will be purely subjective - so i can't make a fair judgement. It's pretty rad. 10/10
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