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Allison Harvard
..when a lot of people asked me of portray her and her eyes. :heart:

This was one of the five special paintings that I made for Christmas, I made one painting for color, this was the pink one.

; red
; pink
; blue
; green
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Canon EOS 500D
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1/100 second
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47 mm
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Dec 14, 2012, 1:59:15 PM
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This is a very striking piece of art! What I find interesting is that the viewer's gaze is so captivated by this woman's beautiful eyes that the mind fills in everything else. There's not a lot of paint elsewhere but that's fine. Now if it was just the two eyes I think the composition would have too much tension. But the lips add a nice third element to the focus. And I'd like to add that I think it's important that the eye on the viewer's right is slightly darker (in shadow). So the left-side eye becomes the primary element.

I think you do need that bit of color on the shoulder and side of the face. But personally I don't think I enjoy the geometric aspect. But perhaps it's needed to "stand up" to that powerful triangle formed by the eyes and lip. Something to consider...

It's a very powerful composition that demands the viewer's attention.
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:star::star-half::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: Impact

I agree with Sedarati about the geometrical shapes. Honestly i just think they need more attention. They are already distracting enough to draw your eyes away from her face, you may as well use that to your advantage, i would suggest giving more of the page to them and the further you moved from the face the darker and more vibrant they grow. I say this because the way that they are soft colors and tones makes them look nicely joined with her face but the lack of contrast throughout the piece makes it sort of boring overall (or flat). Her eyes are lovely and, because of the contrast and vibrant colors, really the only thing worth looking at on the page at this point.

I do really like the shapes as an addition to your style, very creative way to add personality and differentiate yourself. could use some work of course but it looks nice.
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Originality
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Fractured Essence is what I would call this. In the realm of “life” things happen we cannot control and therefore are exposed to a moment in time we thought we would never visit. She looks stunned and vulnerable and is carrying it with her throughout the days, learning to adjust and be whole again.

When a painting affects me in this way, it is hard to critique. I really can’t find fault only ways to enhance your already beautiful and haunting portrayal of a vulnerable moment in time. I love the fractures/triangles, and I love the flow of them off her shoulder and head. It looks like she has lost pieces of herself and they are desperately trying to reconnect to make her whole again. What I would say is maybe from the bottom left violet triangle the flow of color up diagonally to the right could use a bit more color as it moves to the ear, hair line and eye. Just a bit or what may make the flow better, is leave that area alone and lighten the right shoulder or remove the vertical line to the left of it. The two together keep grabbing my eye. It does not want to move effortlessly back up to the eyes of Allison.

These suggestions are picky, but it would not stop me from putting it up on my wall. As artists, we all want to be better, and my critique is just food-for-thought. Your work is lovely and always makes me stop and consider more than what is happening in my little corner of the world. I look forward to more. You give me something to aspire to.
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I think people are missing the point of a Critique as there isn't much analysis or learning to be had by the aforementioned comments no offence.

It is a simple piece and therefore i don't expect an essay but there isn't any focus on helping the artist think about the piece or future pieces. In my last critique i talked about the pieces depiction of eyes and i feel the artists has truly grown in this area re-concreting her already well known technical ability but also giving the eyes deep emotional colour and life to the piece, the eyes truly dive out of the piece. The evolution of the use of colour in general truly shines here and shows a deeply though out balance.

The problems i have with this piece is the lovely almost bird like origami triangle type shapes floating around the subject seem to crash awkwardly into the back of the subject in a way that doesn't seem to flow or contrast deeply enough to cause abstract beauty aesetically. Depth of pattern is great to add to a piece but i feel that part of this artwork is the most lacking part and could have been more thought out, though i sympathise with the difficulty that comes with complex pattern work and there strategic placement of such designs in a piece.

Some things to think about anyways, your style is becoming so high quality that i think these are the depths your going to have to think upon to truly push your artwork to a new level that will further more blow people away.

Overall i find this piece to be a treat to view and shows more evolution of your talent don't give up pushing the depths of your potential with strong scrutiny (y)
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as always beautiful work. the eyes are just lovely so are her lips. the detailing of the eyes steal all your attention when you see this picture, magical talent

but i think a little bit detailing added would've made this a more beautiful work. detailing of the skin and hairline would've made it better. i did see her picture and she is flawless. and your work is damn good too and these are just my suggestions

i envy you , your talent to picture a person, to give life to that picture is so damn good.
keep up the good work.
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:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

Oh my. I have watched almost all of your videos and your art is stunning!

You captured Allison well, from those famous big blue eyes to her lushish lips. Your style has always interest me because its so unique, so different.

This piece is so simple yet just enough to capture the viewers eye, you can't stop looking at it and all it's fabulous details.

Also, your technique is so precise, and so professional. This art impacted me too, it gives me a different look on this beautiful person through art!

Honestly, this piece of art is so beautiful that I would buy this and hang this on my wall!

Keep up the magnificent work!
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OMG. I can see the night in her eyes <3 a starry night <3
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This is so lovely, would you ever make one with a photo if were to submit one? It is truly impeccable. <3
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I love the way you paint the eyes. Theres not one picture of yours where the eyes aren't beautiful, and bright! I love this!
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I'm inspired by the visual impact you've created!
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amazing! love the colors and the technique:)
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I love this it's so simple but very different. has an erie look love it! your one of my all time favorite artists!:)
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I'm not really sure what's going on in the comments but I LOVE the geometrical shapes. I think it's really unique and really makes it YOUR art. I love every single bit of it, in each of your paintings, and I don't believe they take away from the painting at all.
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Wow! This on is amazing! I love the shapes and I love the color of her eyes! I really like this piece :)
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Allison Harvard!!!
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Can I marry this?
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I love this, great work!
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I love this great work!
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I fall in love with the eye
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I love Allison! "It's like my eyes are staring into your soul."
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How did you get the triangles so sharp? masking fluid, masking tape or just a steady hand?
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