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Half-life    And the unicorns shall come down with them, and the bullocks with the bulls;     and their land shall be soaked with blood…                                                                                                          – Isaiah 34:7 How quick, how slow Discrete entities decay –– Is love discrete? How quick, How slow: in as many days Or as many months – depending On the blush, darling; three months They tell me. Give or take. Three months, till all your blood is new. Carried like oxygen, this love In my blood, the newness compounding, Its pulses doubling feeling until every beat Of thi
The Third Sibling
I don’t know why I assumed it would be a boy. Intuition, maybe. Or perhaps, little brothers were all I knew. My third sibling paused in the first trimester and never hit play: a frozen picture on the ultrasound. Mom came home, stole to bed, and shut the door with a clack soft as thunder. My third sibling is a silence, forgotten outside the quiet moments alone, when I wonder what his name was.
FFM Day 22- A Jellies Guide
i. Putting Yourself Out There! (It Can Really Suck) Jet felt like a speck in infinity. A group of fellow jellyfish floated by, noisily chatting. “Um, hello,” Jet whispered. No one replied. “Hi guys!” One jellyfish drifted towards him. He recognized Susan and waved. “Hi Susie!” “Hello, Jet!” Jet spun in circles, nervous. While twirling, he saw something odd: a man with elongated feet and a shelled face. “Oh my, oh Susie, he’s back! Oh do you think he’d want to hang out?” “Are you sure that’s him?” Susie asked. “I think so!”
Love in the Woods
In a second, you can gain everything and lose everything. She walked barefoot, crushing twigs and leaves between her toes. Her thick long brown hair was crowned with the yellow flowers I’d given her. A thin black and red dress wrapped her slender body. Strong and young, she was. You only needed see into her eyes to go mad. She smiled upon seeing me, never saying one word. Instead she danced and laughed and had me drunk in her charm and wit. Atop me she crawled like a temptress, meeting face to face. And when she touched my lips with her own, a light went on, and then it went off when she took them away.
FFM 2015: The world breaks everyone
The landscape of my homeland has become an incomprehensible wilderness of charred remains through which I sift daily, searching for some remnant of you, though I know you are long gone. All these years of fighting, for nothing. But I promised you I’d come back, come hell or high water, so that’s what I’m doing. I take shelter in the mouth of a sleeping cannon, and watch as the horizon collapses like a burning star. And maybe this is the end, and maybe I died months ago, and maybe I didn’t, and this is all just a dream, but I remember the fire and the murder and the blood and you and I remember you and-
21.15 Mnemonics
He awoke to sunlight in his eyes and the smell of her. Every day, he would stay in bed just a little bit longer than he ought to, just to bask in the glory of smell she had left behind. It was roses and mint and sandalwood and woman and a million other things he couldn’t have described, even if he tried, but it was her, and he would never forget it, as long as he lived, and probably not for a long time after he died. But every day, the smell grew fainter, the sheets seemed to grow colder, and it was one more day since the last time he woke with her actually there.
Pirate's Treasure
"I've brought the rum," Casey said. She wiggled the bottle suggestively. Jack fell out of his chair in his haste to get to it. Her. To get to her. The woman. Not the rum. That beautiful, golden liquid. Skin, definitely skin. The sunlight was caught up in the rich, amber depths. Of her eyes. Yes. His mouth felt dry, yearning for wetness. He could just imagine the slow burn of it—her—warming him from within. Jack tore at her thin chemise, desperate to experience the creamy—"Hey, where's the rum gone?" A collaboration with AGMeade ( IntelligentZombie ( and Tobaeus ( in the #FlashFictionMonth chatroom. Come join u
Daily Lit Recognition for January 29th, 2015
Daily Lit Recognition for January 29th, 2015 We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Recognition! You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article.   Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists! Poetry Suggested by: MagicalJoey ( Featured by: betwixtthepages ( :thumb510174299: Five Reasons to Not Write Poetry by miistical ( Ars Poetica expertly done....with a twist! Suggested by: CelestialMemories ( Featured by: chromeantennae ( :thumb457281098: Where I'm From by RhysRavera ( Suggester says: A very beautiful and emotional piece about where he is from. Prose Featured by: :devna
Inspector Wolf and the House of Hay
     The valley wasn’t normally my jurisdiction, but rumor had it the Pig brothers were at it again, and those morons always seemed to be my jurisdiction. Shoddy construction, lack of permits, building on land that wasn’t even theirs. Nothing was ever built to code, and no one could find them when the buildings fell in and hurt someone.     No one else wanted to handle the case since the brothers could get nasty when confronted. I would have gladly eaten them and be done with the whole mess, but too many uptight people had voted that option down. I was supposed to talk them down or reason with them or some other feel good nonsen
     She sat at the bar next to me and ordered an apple martini. I looked up from my rum and coke to study her in profile. She was a handsome woman. Tall, with a strong jaw and a lean muscled frame. A red dress hugged her breasts and her hips.  A pair of spiked heels completed her ensemble.     I must have been staring, because she smiled at me and set her drink on the bar. “Take a picture,” she said.     “Sorry.” I took a huge gulp of my drink to cover my embarrassment. It was too much, though, and I choked. Jack and coke dribbled down my chin and soaked into my shirt collar.     To her credit, she managed not t
There's Always a Price
     The little house was dark, even for a house in the middle of a dark swamp. It smelled terrible, too. Like it had been abandoned for years and the animals had come in and taken over. Something skittered in the corner, giving credence to his theory.     This had to be a prank. The person who had sent him here was sitting at home, laughing at the dumb out-of-towner who was probably about to get eaten by rats or something.     James backed toward the door, determined to get out and never speak of this to anyone. But then his foot hit a loose board, and the creaking noise it made shook dust from the ceiling. A woman called out from the de
Inspector Wolf
     The old lady was dead. I could smell it before I even got into the house. The whole place reeked of adrenaline, sweat, fear, copper and steel. He’d dropped her right in her living room. Chopped and chopped until she stopped moving. But I could tell I was getting close. This had been done in a hurry, and the killer didn’t have the time to clean up after himself like he usually did.     Across the room, the phone rang. The shrill sound set my teeth to grinding, but I ignored it. Instead I followed the killer’s bloody footprints into the back bedroom. He’d climbed out the window. If I hurried, I could catch up to h
     Caius hefted his travel bag a little higher on his shoulder and looked over at his friend Aulus. “Where do you think they expect us to go?”     Aulus shrugged. “I have family in Athens. They’ll take me in until I can find a new house. What about you?”     “I’ll have to go to Nicopolis. Who knows what sort of welcome I’ll have there.”     He looked back over his shoulder at the smoke rising up over the hills. “I can’t help but wonder one thing, Aulus.”     “What’s that?”     “How in the world did they convince the firebirds to help th
Priscilla's Human is Sick
     My human hasn’t been eating very well lately. It’s not for lack of food. Our neighborhood is crawling with prey, and my food dish is always full. She’s just eating less and less. Maybe she’s sick. That would explain how thin she’s been getting. I wound around her feet and purred extra loud for her. She smiled and scratched me behind my ears the way I like.     “Everything’s going to be fine, Priscilla.”        *****     She’s eaten even less this week. I cleaned my face and stared out the window at all the nice, plump birds flitting around the bird trap she had set up. Maybe she
Cut Loose
     WARNING: INTERNAL TEMPERATURES REACHING CRITICAL LEVELS. RETURN TO AIRLOCK IMMEDIATELY     It was supposed to be a routine walk. Something jammed in satellite array. Go out and dislodge it. Fix any broken parts. Realign the array. Go back inside and celebrate a successful repair. Simple. Easy.     Right?     WARNING: TWENTY MINUTES BREATHABLE AIR. RETURN TO AIRLOCK IMMEDIATELY     The suits were fine. We all checked them before I put one on. Everybody signed off on it.     I followed protocol. I checked my tether over and over. Kept my tools close. Didn’t do any stupid zero gravity tricks while I was out there.     So w
Inside Out
I never meant to get to know you and when we met, I got it wrong I didn't even have to show you But I was weak and you were strong I thought my very soul was broken you showed me it was only sprained and when you put your hand in mine it alleviated all my pain. So confused, don't know what to do Hadn't even seen your face don't know your name, But I learned you... From the inside out Not the outside in I saw your soul Not your clothes and skin And I will never be the same... Now, because of you, I want to shout... I know you from the inside, out. You shared with me your life in words and took the time to understand We were online like a
Closure Opening
I think this day is drawing me into art.   I need a beginning that is also closure. I feel something that wants a birthing. I feel something that wants a dying.  I.
I see you
When the camera lets you see you as I see you, then I feel the magic.
a first date with a long term relationship
I treat my body like (a first date with) someone special:   I am attentive, I notice what works and what doesn't, I cater to needs and desires.   After all, there's the potential for (a long term) relationship.
Spring has been aborted
Spring has been aborted Baby green died brown Winter white smothered New life on the ground. But Spring's a Hindu priestess Who rises ever more alive To collect the due worship Of a cold and grateful tribe.
Six Word Story
my mother kept smiles in bottles
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